HARESCO Achievements: Top 7 Accomplishments of Former Aklan Representative Teodorico "Nonong" T Haresco, Jr.

Here in the Philippines, we often see news articles and snippets painting public servants in a bad light. The sad part is, this is becoming a norm and we don't get suprised whenever we see a bad news about these politicians.

In this new age of digital and social media, public servants now have to think twice because they get exposed easily if they are doing monkey business & other unscrupulous acts.

They should keep doing worthy projects that is beneficial for their constituents so they will be remembered the next elections.

Teodorico "Nonong" Haresco, Jr, served as the representative of the lone District of Aklan from 2013 to 2016. He is a product of De La Salle College Manila and earned his Master’s degree in International Economics from McGill University in Montreal. He is happily married and a father of four.

Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr. has always believed that the micro entrepreneurial sector is a potent force for socio-economic development that comes directly from the grassroots level. He believes that micro entrepreneurship has immense potential in elevating Filipinos from poverty, providing livelihoods and jobs, and stimulating socio-economic development especially in the countryside.


  • Congressman Haresco filed a bill to increase penalties for crimes committed against senior citizens & granting additional benefits to solo parents.

  • He put up a nationwide scholarship fund for the children of slain journalists which, since 2007, has put more than 34 talented young scholars through school.

  • Former Rep. Haresco was credited for the construction of additional school building in Prudencio T. Yerro Elementary School in Lezo, Aklan, Catmon IS Altavas, Lupo NHS, Altavas, Dr. Ramon B, and Legaspi Sr National High School.

  • Also, the road widening along the Aklan West Road in Kalibo-Nabas, the road construction of the Altavas-Jamindian roadway, road concrete cementing of Pudio Box Culvert in West road, Aklan, Road construction of barangay road in Jawili, Tangalan, Road construction of Barangay Nabaoy Road, Malay Aklan, & concreting of Balete Barangay road was credited to the former congressman.

  •  The much needed rover control revetment wall for Aklan river was also initiated by Representative Haresco. Other projects include: rehabilitation of Poblacion Makatao revetment wall, and the construction of water supply system in Brgy. Tayhawan in Lezo, Aklan. Also the Construction of ASU Teacher Education Center, Altavas College, multi-purpose hall in Buruaga, Catmon, public market in Poblacion, and Poblacion Malinao multi purpose public market.

  • Aside from all these accomplishments, Representative Haresco has authored 29 House Bills and 4 House Resolutions as well as co-authored 23 House Bills and 8 House Resolutions.

Congressman Haresco stands with his lifetime involvement with micro entrepreneurship and the marginalized. Haresco pointed out that micro entrepreneurship contributes an estimated 32% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and generates jobs for about 30% of the country’s workforce.

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