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Every business enterprise you come across these days have an online presence. And to be very honest it is must in today’s world when all our activities are governed by our online actions. To support any business you must have a website and application to your business’s name. But creating any website would also include the job of adding online forms so that the consumers can contact you freely. Whether the form is for surveys, feedback, query or order placement, you must have one. So how to create an online form if you have limited knowledge of computer programming and coding. AidaForm is there to help you out of this fix.

It is a free form building platform that generates the HTML code for your online form page. Not only does it help you in the form’s creation, it also helps you customize the page according to your need, manage and notify you of visitor replies and also share the link to different social media platforms for greater exposure. All-in-all AidaForm offers more than you can ever hope for and it is so simple!

How to create the form with the help of AidaForm?

The first step to creating a form is to know what kind of form you are interested in making and will benefit you the best or suit your business. There are 4 primary types of forms which are Contact/Inquiry, Registration, Job Application and Survey. You can select any of the above mentioned types from the AidaForm gallery and can also access many other types. You are provided with a plethora of choices and can choose the template that suits you the best.

The next step is to create an account and Log In to AidaForm. If you already you just have to sign in, once you are inside your account you can go on to create forms. The registration is absolutely free and the first ever form you create is generated without you having to switch to a paid plan so absolutely free.

Once inside your account, you are to create forms by choosing the template you desire. You can select the blank template if you want to customize it all on your own or you can go for the basic template that consists of the most common fields such as Name, Address, Sex and so on.  You can also use the form editor option to edit the fields according to your liking. Once you are done composing the questions you can then go on to adjust the design of your form page. There are many design templates available but still you can customize the font, background color and even add an image of your liking to suit your interests. You can end the process by adding your logo.

Once you are done composing your form, you just need to click the Publish button to generate the HTML code. This you can add to your website either as a hyperlink or insert it directly on your webpage.

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