REX Book Store's 10th Annual Educators' Congress

In a two-day event held at Marriott Hotel's Grand Ballroom, REX Book Store hosted its 10th Annual Educators Congress (AECON), a gathering developed by the learning solutions provider to create and connect the local education industry's leaders and decision-makers with the latest approaches and advancements in education

This year, REX continues its commitment to helping sustain holistic learning for young learners in the country, with the aim of providing 21st century skills and project-based learning solutions to education stakeholders. REX is recognized as the official Philippine partner of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), a non-profit organization dedicated to shifting the focus of learning from mere academic achievement to long-term development and success through the active collaboration of the stakeholders of learning (Schools, Educators, Parents, Communities, and Industries). Ensuring that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

The theme Whole Child Education in the 21st Century reflects both REX and ASCD's joint commitment to creating and providing innovative learning solutions for the Whole Child. Since 2010, ASCD has been providing REX with some of the industry's most trusted resource speakers for their internal professional development, fusing new insights and research into REX's publishing practices and holistic education campaigns.

In 2015, coinciding with REX's 65th anniversary, the premier learning solutions provider began adopting ASCD's whole child approach into its core philosophy, incorporating the approach's vision with its own mission of providing 21st-century learning tools and solutions that reflects what its maxim "tayong lahat, kapit bisig, para sa bata, para sa bayan" means: a village, a community, helping each other nurture, sustain, and secure the success of children as future professionals who would, in turn, help transform the country into a globally competitive nation.

This year's congress featured ASCD’s multi-awarded speaker Josh Garcia who presented a case study on Whole Child education as implemented in public schools abroad. Held on the first day of the congress, this plenary session was followed by an Q & A portion with the resource speaker hosted by Ms. Rita Atienza. The following day featured another plenary session with ASCD author Glen Pearsall who spoke about Visible Thinking and current shifts and trends in educational practices.

The event culminated with a synthesis of the resource speaker's newly presented research paradigms and innovative ideas on education which strategically engage learning from different approaches and executions, highlighting new trends such as the shift from the "what" to the "how" in educational programs, as well as the implementation of visible learning as a new method of literacy. The two-day event was sponsored by Microdata, Converge, Zoomanity, and PLDT Gabay Guro; REX Book Store’s partner organizations who share the company’s vision of innovative and holistic education for the future.

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