DEVANT Quantum UHD TV & Dessert Museum: Experience The Colors

Buying a new TV set these days can be daunting with all the features, smart functions, and terrific picture quality they offer plus a lot more. But no worries as Devant introduces their latest series of must-have TVs which the whole family will surely enjoy.

We've got invited to the launch of their latest TV offering – the Quantum Ultra HD TV, in the sweetest way. At Dessert Museum at S Maison of Conrad Manila for this launch held last October 18, 2018. We are treated to a tour of eight (8) colorful themed rooms inspired by different confections and were given time to enjoy taking creative photos in each room. Talk about sugar rush! But what’s more exciting is what this newest product has to offer.

The Quantum Ultra HD TV is the most capable and fully featured ultra-high definition TV Devant has ever released that is designed to meet the expectations of today’s TV enthusiasts. Under this flagship series are the 75-inch QUHV01 and the QUHV02 available in 65-inch and 55-inch. Devant’s Quantum Ultra HD TV line has a 4K Ultra HD resolution and its High Dynamic Range (HDR) is capable of displaying accurate color and contrast. Powered by the quantum dot technology, images seen on the Quantum Ultra HD TV screen are more vibrant, crisp and detailed as ever.

Anyview Cast is another smart feature in Devant’s Quantum Ultra HD TV series, which allows the user to view what’s on his mobile devices’ screen on a larger TV screen with just a simple swipe. This screen mirroring feature lets you access and enjoy your favorite apps, games and shows on a bigger and better screen than your mobile devices by just opening the casting function on your Android mobile phone and connecting it to the Devant TV’s Anyview Cast feature. With the impressive image quality and 4K Ultra HD resolution of Devant’s Quantum Ultra HD TV, you are assured to experience better entertainment at the comfort of your home.

Quantum dots (QD) are tiny bits of semiconductor that are able to tightly confine electric charge and emit light. They are tiny crystals that are about 10,000 times narrower than a human hair and up to five times smaller than the width of a DNA strand. As tiny as they can be, they have the ability to produce vibrant colors when hit by light. Incorporating these quantum dots in large screens such as televisions would give you impressive picture quality because quantum dot displays are four times brighter than a standard display. Despite the big leap in display quality, there is no need to worry about the increase in energy consumption because televisions with quantum dot displays are very energy efficient. Furthermore, there is no risk of the display’s colors fading over time because quantum dots are inorganic materials that are very durable in nature. They are the next big thing in TVs, bringing superior image quality at more affordable price points. 

For a better TV entertainment experience, one other key feature of the Devant Quantum Ultra HD TV is the UHD Upscaler that automatically upscale video contents to a higher and clearer quality. Scenes from your favorite movies and shows are more defined and realistic making you feel more immersed in what you’re watching on screen. Together with its Ultra Smooth Motion and impeccable Cinema Sound, you will surely experience entertainment like no other.

In this era of tech-savvy consumers, the Devant Quantum Ultra HD series seamlessly integrates technology with today’s vast content ecosystem that is readily accessible online. Powered by the Vidaa U2 Operating System, all Devant Quantum Ultra HD models are equipped with a TV browser, Netflix and YouTube apps that are pre-installed in the TV to satisfy your daily fix of online video streaming. Need more apps? Just go to the VEWD App Store to see a variety of apps and games to choose from.

We're surely hyped with this collaboration! It's the right sense of metaphor and connection between the colors of the Devant Quantum UHD TV and the feels of Dessert Museum.

For more information about Devant’s Quantum Ultra HD TV, visit and their official Facebook page

Arvic Ryuuzaki

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