MOVAVI Photo Editor for Mac Review

Trying to edit photos can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you’re doing – even if you’re using a Mac. The majority of the editors that you try out are bound to be designed for professionals, and don’t really cater to inexperienced users.

Instead of tying yourself in knots trying to figure out and overcome a steep learning curve however, you should give Movavi Photo Editor for Mac a go. It is a popular photo editor that has built up a reputation for its intuitive and user-friendly approach.

One of the first things you’ll probably notice about Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is how clean and simple its user interface is. Instead of complicated menus, it has a straightforward navigation that you can use to access any of the features you need.

Each and every one of the features in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is designed so that it can be applied without any difficulty as well. Due to its intuitive approach, you will be able to actually learn how to edit photos on Mac in a couple of minutes by just experimenting with each feature.

Comprehensive and Powerful Features

In contrast to some other photo editors that are simple but basic and lacking in features, Movavi Photo Editor for Mac ensures it does not skimp on that front. All in all you’ll be surprised by how comprehensive its features are – and how powerful they can be.

With the features in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac, you can expect to: 
  • Enhance the quality of photos manually or automatically, and fix any issues such as blurry or pixelated images. 
  • Transform the frame of photos by cropping, flipping, leveling, rotating or resizing it. 
  • Remove any unwanted elements from a photo while making sure no traces or imperfections are left behind. 
  • Delete the background from a photo and leave it transparent or replace it with a new image. 
  • Touch up portraits or selfies using numerous tools to smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth, apply digital makeup, reshape facial features, and more. 
  • Apply unique and artistic filters to style your photos and make them more interesting. 
  • Add text elements in various styles that can be customized further to create unique captions, watermarks, titles, and more.

While there are many other features in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac, the ones listed above should provide you with an idea of how extensive its scope is. In fact you may already have a few ideas for how you can improve one (or more) of your photos right now. Assuming that’s the case you should definitely jump right in and try it out – to see firsthand exactly how easy it is to use it and edit your photos.

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