Techniques for Youthful Repositioning of the Mouth

Skin deteriorates with age, and there can be a loss of plasticity of the skin and the development of fine lines and wrinkles. There can be a down turning of the mouth, drooping of the area below the eyes and sagging of the jowls of the neck.

Facelifts are popular with increasingly younger age groups, who wish to have regained a more youthful appearance, and minimize the visible effects of aging. There is a range of options available to them, both permanent and temporary, which can change part of all of their face.

Mouth repositioning is an increasingly popular choice and can be an alternative to a complete facelift. The mouth repositioning procedure or "gummy tuck," is readily available and can completely transform the appearance of the mouth. The lips can also be repositioned with orthodontic surgery which is a much more invasive procedure, or you can choose the "gummy tuck," which is a relatively minor surgery which takes less than an hour.

Gummy Tuck

The "gummy tuck" is the nickname of a procedure which repositions the mouth, to give the face a more youthful appearance. It reduces the exposure of the gum, during a full smile, and it minimizes the movement of the upper lip. A tiny strip amount of tissue is removed from the upper lip, interior and then sutures are used to fasten the lip into a lower position.

There are several advantages of this procedure: it takes less than 45 minutes, it uses a local anesthetic, and the effects are immediately visible. As all of the incisions are inside the mouth, there is very little or no visible scaring a minimal disturbance to facial tissues, so no disruption of speaking after the procedure.

Corner surgery

There is a technique available for those under the age of 60, who had relatively firm skin, which fills the area around the corners of the mouth. A hyaluronic filler corrects the problem of a downturned mouth quite easily. Restylane gives good support, but Juvederm can also be used and is more adaptable. The products are injected into the skin at the sides of the mouth, and this procedure is repeated at several different angles, in a fanning technique. This is followed by an injection into the lips. This is a temporary solution, which can provide relief for several years.


Most patients who want a more youthful appearance to their face, opt for a facelift, which will not only reposition the mouth as a result of lifting and reshaping of facial tissues, it will also remove sagging and loose skin. Facelifts are normally a short procedure, with a local anesthetic. The patient will need a full week to rest, but may be comfortable visiting friends after a fortnight, but will have to refrain from any intense physical activities for up to a month. The degree of bruising and swelling will depend upon the type of procedure chosen. There is an increasing array of different procedures which can change your face into a younger version of yourself. From full facelifts to micro or "feather" lifts, or procedures which alter just one part of the face, for example, the eyes or the mouth.

Although less invasive procedures like fillers require less recovery time, facelifts offer a permanent solution. There are different types of facelifts, and below are some of the most popular.


This a procedure that takes away the top layers of the skin on the face, and also the deeper tissues of the neck and face (SMAS). An incision below the hairline, at the temple, is extended down. Then there is a cut at the front or edge of the ear, or below the earlobe behind the ear. The unnecessary tissue will be taken away, remaining tissue tightened, and the skin replaced, stitched into its higher position.

This is best for anyone above the age of 45, who is suffering from some jowling and face sagging. This is the safest facelift and will last. However it does take longer than a short scar lift, and it does require a longer time to recover from.

The Deep Plane Lift

It is more invasive than the SMAS, as it cuts deeper into the tissue. It also normally requires more incisions near the hairline. The skin and muscle are separated from the underlying facial tissues by the surgeon, and unnecessary skin is removed. In other cases, the muscle tissues and skin are resculpted. The top layer of skin can then be stitched or stapled into place. This is best for older people who have a lot of facial sagging, and it results in a radical change to the middle area of the face. This incorporates the nasolabial folds, which run from the nose to the mouth, the chin, the cheeks and the jaw line. This facelift will last around 10-15 years. However, as it is more invasive than other facelifts, it can necessitate a longer recovery process, and as the incisions are deep, there is a greater risk of injury to the nerves.

The Short Scar Facelift

For this facelift the surgeon will make an incision below the hairline, or just in front of the ear. This is a smaller incision, in the shape of an S, and it allows the surgeon to reposition face tissue. 

The muscles and tissues that support smile lines and jowls are also repositioned, and this surgery can also tighten loose skin. This type of procedure is best for younger people in the 40-50 age group who do not wish to change their necks. It also offers a different option for individuals who wish to have a faster recovery time, and less discomfort from bruising, or swelling. 

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