Rogin-E ManCon 2017 at Metro Walk Tent

Bayer Philippines recently held the first ever Rogin-E ManCon 2017 at the Metro Walk Tent in Pasig. Its a whole-day event especially designed for men who want to stay on top of their game.

Attendees tried out different activities that showcased different interests and passions. Think cars and motorbikes for those who love speed and mobility; sports activities for those who want to stretch the limits of their physical strength and power; fashion and grooming for those who have an eye for fashion; and a selection of toys and hobbies to engage a man’s mind and body.

The event was graced by celebrities like Roxanne Barcelo, Arny RossJimmy Alapag, Gabe Norwood, Aubrey Miles, Anton del Rosario, Aly BoromeoAngie Mead King and many more. Rogin-E ManCon 2017 was hosted by Nikko Ramos, Princess Legaspi and DJ Tony Toni.

I think I'm one of the first few bloggers to arrive since I just came from a nearby event held at Citadines Millennium Ortigas. After registration I enjoyed watching the exhilarating drift exhibition of Angie Mead King outside the Metro Tent. Check out the short video I took above! At the entrance, the ushers encouraged me to register on their raffle which fortunately I won later -- a gift pack from Baskin Robbins. The grand prize is a year supply of Rogin-E! Wow.

Conventions like this will not be complete without these handsome cars and cool motorcycles like this Harley-Davidson. 

Also got a complimentary shoe clean-up by Reshoevn8r at The Nines PH booth. Hats off! They made my rubber shoes really squeaky clean. Unfortunately, after the event I went to UP Fair Diliman. The venue is full of sticky mud, yikes.

Saw blogger friends Val and Dianne later that night. We tried the different locally crafted beer brews from Crazy Carabao Brewing Co., Joe's Brew, Juan Brew, Parati Trading Co, Craftpoint Brewing Co., and Pedro Brewcrafters. I recommend beers from Joe's Brew.

Not just beers because this man-con is filled by great grubs like Backyard Kitchen+Brew, Pitmaster's Smokehouse Bbq, Baskin-Robbins, Gyro V, Bagnet Rice Patong, Mr. Wawgyu, Bistro Kalzada, Food Channel Shawarma, MARES 24 Oras, and Famous Belgian Waffles. 

Sadly I had to leave early because I have to head to a concert which my blog is a media partner so I missed the performance of CJ the DJ, Nix Damn P and Motherbasss' special performance with Roxanne Barcelo and the bikini fashion show which I heard is a crowd drawer!

Needless to say, I enjoyed the Rogin-E ManCon 2017 at Metro Walk Tent! I hope there's another one next year. ;)

Developed by Bayer, Rogin-E is a multivitamin especially formulated for men who want to be on top of their game, at work and at home. It contains Korean Panax Ginseng that enhances physical and mental endurance; Deanol for mental potency, improved concentration and mental agility; and Royal Jelly for youthful vitality.

Rogin-E gives the extra energy that men need to do well in all his activities both at work and at play.

Experience life to its fullest and be the man on top with Rogin-E. Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Royal Jelly + Korean Panax Ginseng is the generic name of Rogin-E.

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.

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