EQUINOX Designers' Week at Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila

Few Days to go before the celebration of night begin! Catch the EQUINOX Designers' Week at Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila! 20 designers will be creating pieces associating with the show’s five sky related phases: noon, sunset, midnight, dusk, and dawn with a theme of Winter / Summer season collection. With a colour palette of Gold and White as a guide. White as a winter snow and golden as a summer sun. Happening at the Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila on March 22, 2017, 7:00 pm.

The 20 designers that will showcase during the fashion show are the following: Alvin Nogot, Angelo Dominic, Cliff D Torres, Edel Cabizares Santiago, Frederick Berches, Gil Granado, Israel Palma, James Paul, Mae Claire Esparraguerra Dogillo, Mark Co, Miel Velayne, Nino Crisanto Ramirez, Paolo Blanco, Ranel Espaldon, Relj Lee Leal, Roberth Azaph Gallardo III, Russ Cuevas, Vince Sityar and Yna Mendez.

In partnership with: Belle Beau Talent Agency, Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila, etc, ExperienceTravel.Ph, Channel HUE, DOGGFICHER, Glam Squad Partner, Make-up Madness Philippines, and Uber.

Sponsored by: Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, COCOLINE Naturals, Strip It Sugaring, Apollo Photography Studio by Rockman Studio, C-lium, Poten-Cee and Philippine Wacoal Corporation.

Special thanks to the following: Modelo Icons Management, Train Away Films, NAVIA Photography and Films, RBPhotographia, Dann General-Seterra, Magiellete Formentera Navarro, Booudha Aracha, George Luces Moraca, Nhukie Diolola Cruz Hmua and Karmela Cortez Makeup.

Check out this video of the presscon below:

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