DIANA STALDER Introduces 'RGnerin'

What is your criteria in choosing a skin clinic? For me, first is the price, second is the location. But in the long run I've discovered that I don't get value for money on other low-priced skin center. Our skin is one of the most important part of the body so we should invest and take care of it.

I've known Diana Stalder––one of the leading face, body, and skincare centers in the country today, back in 2012 through a blog event and since then, they've been my go to place for my skincare. Though their Gateway Mall branch is quite far from me, I see to it that I get to visit the clinic once a month.

Because it is the face that a person usually is looked upon, it’s a conscious effort for everyone, to make it pleasant to gaze at. So a regular facial is, more often than not, the solution to turn to, regardless of the discomfort it may cause to the patient. With Diana Stalder, however, “no pain, no gain” is a thing of the past. Unlike the typical procedures out there with pricking as an issue for some with low pain tolerance, the Center offers a painless facial treatment.

This is highly recommended to lessen the trauma as it uses desincrustation to facilitate deep pore cleansing. During this process, galvanic current is used to create a chemical reaction that softens and relaxes sebum and dirt in the follicles for extraction. It’s ideal for oily and breakout-prone skin. As for added benefits, this treatment brings nutrients and oxygen to nourish the skin and it also improves the color of sallow, sluggish skin.

I've experienced this during my treatment and I can attest that their desincrustation really works because the pain of the pricking process is almost gone. There is still some pain but it became tolerable.

Another aesthetic service of Diana Stalder that can satisfy your desire for beautiful skin is the RGnerin treatment. A harmless alternative to Botolinum toxin, it is a powerful cell regenerator and a wrinkle filler from within. It is made up of Argireline that inhibits repetitive facial movements; Structurine, which restores the skin’s protective barrier; Cohesine for improved the cohesion between the cells; and Recoverine to regenerate and balance the skin. The mask contains linseed (organically grown), with soothing, emollient and softening properties; and Aloe Vera (organically grown) for soothing, toning and regenerating action. The RGnerin treatment gives a “Botox effect” sans injections or side effects.

Dina Dela Paz Stalder, the CEO of Diana Stalder used the Dermascope to me which she bought from Europe. The machine tests the Elasticity, Pigmentation, Moisture and Oiliness of the skin so their clients will know the current state of the skin and then she will recommend solutions to prevent future skin problems.

Its always fun to try different facials masks from Diana Stalder, I've tried their Casmara before and this time I will try RGnerin. It has "instant effect" on my skin because it became supple and so soft. It's like I had a 12-hour sleep! I felt so relaxed and the slight redness from the pricking is now gone.

Diana Stalder is poised to be a one-stop-shop for all your skin care needs. For a total beauty package inside out, indulge in healthy refreshments from the dS Cafe, which is also located within the skincare center. Patrons can never go wrong with the food choices in this nutritional diet haven––from a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly organic greens to protein-rich dishes with fibrous brown rice, zesty healthy sandwiches, and fresh fruit juices.

In Metro Manila, you can visit Diana Stalder branches in SM Megamall and in Gateway Mall. Pamper yourself once in a while. Don't forget to invest and take care of your skin, After all, you deserve to see and realize “the promise of a better you.”

JL Santiago Aquino

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