Don't let the Weather Rain on your Parade with Dockers OTG with Water Repellency

Dockers values both style and convenience, and no product embodies this commitment more than the OTG with Water Repellency.

Nothing can get in the way of a good fashion sense—not even the rain.

The year is almost halfway through, and for the Philippines, it can only mean one thing: The rainy season is just around the corner. Out of the many things that people should be prepared for in this season of consecutive typhoons, fashion should not be left behind.

Don't let the downpour dampen your spirits, because there is always a proper clothing that fits a particular season. With Dockers’ OTG with Water Repellency, being soaking wet from the rain would be at the bottom of one's worries.

As part of its Fall/Holiday 2015 collection, industry-leading Dockers came up with another innovation that champion both comfort and functionality. The Dockers OTG with Water Repellency is made of a special fabric that makes one look neat and presentable despite the rain.

In the middle of unpredictable weather, nothing should prevent the modern gentleman from looking sharp and confident in carrying himself. With Dockers’ latest offering, OTG with Water Repellency got you covered, both from the rain and from all the hassle that come with it.

Dockers values both style and convenience, and no product embodies this commitment more than the OTG with Water Repellency, as it prioritizes convenience while making sure that the modern gentleman still looks good and stylish.

Whether in the workplace or in casual gatherings, Dockers OTG with Water Repellency ensures that the modern gentleman carries out his tasks efficiently without being bothered by weather conditions. Being productive in the office and having fun during trips and meetings are entirely possible with this latest offering.

In what may be called as a breakthrough innovation in the industry, Dockers OTG with Water Repellency makes one unstoppable from being himself by wearing a fashionable and functional pair of pants. That's what the Dockers brand has been advocating ever since—effortless confidence for the modern gentlemen.

This effortless, laid-back confidence is only possible by putting functionality at the forefront of fashion, at par with style durability and versatility, and that's what Dockers OTG with Water Repellency is all about—making one functional and fashionable in the middle of the rainy days.

Regardless of the weather and despite changing seasons, Dockers does not stop reinventing styles tailor-fitted for the changing needs of the modern, on-the-go man. After introducing “Casual Friday” almost 30 years ago, Dockers has never been passive in incorporating innovation to its staples, making sure that “what to wear” does not add up more to the worries of the on-the-go guy.

With OTG with Water Repellency and its entire Fall/Holiday 2015 collection, Dockers continues to beat style monotony with continued innovation and refined aesthetics by changing the way people carry themselves out there in a competitive world. Maximizing one's wardrobe options, after all, has always been more efficient than bulk-buying.

Dockers and its OTG with Water Repellency envision the modern men to be the best versions of themselves wherever they go, whatever they do, without having to stress over unforeseen rainy days.

A day is too good to be ruined by a mere downpour, so don't let the rain squash a good time by wearing effortless confidence brought by Dockers OTG with Water Repellency.

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.

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