Justin Long as the Voice of a Leader in “WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE 3D MOVIE”

Directed by Neil Nightingale and Barry Cook, “Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie” was inspired by the very latest discoveries in paleontology as well as technological breakthroughs. It presents audiences with the most realistic depiction of dinosaurs ever seen. A compelling family adventure and coming of age story, “Walking with Dinosaurs” tells the story of Patchi (voiced by Justin Long), a determined little Pachyrhinosaurus with a hole in his frill, who sets off with his family on a journey of survival.

The film blends a gripping adventure with a story about family and friendship. Patchi encounters the lovely Juniper, a female Pachyrhinosaurus from another herd and there is an immediate connection, which develops into a close bond. But it is unlikely that the pair will be able to stay together because of herd protocol, which means that Juniper won’t be able to choose her own mate. Other fascinating creatures in the film include pterosaurs, gigantic flying reptiles that once soared through Earth’s skies, and Edmontosaurus, huge duck billed dinosaurs.

According to actor Justin Long, who voices the role, Patchi has “an insatiable curiosity, as many runts do. It does get him into trouble, but in the long run it helps him evolve and become the leader he was meant to be.”

“You meet Patchi when he is a hatchling—a young Pachyrhinosaurus. He is the runt of the litter, but he makes up for it in spirit and heart. He has a big heart and he goes on an epic journey of self-discovery. I used to have a dog like Patchi actually. We named him Biggie Smalls, because he was big in attitude, but small in size. Patchi reminds me a little bit of Biggie and of myself. When I was a kid, I was the runt of the litter. I was really tiny. I was four feet ten inches going into high school, I weighed 89 pounds and I played (American) football. Patchi eventually grows into his heart and proves himself over the course of the movie. I relate to him very much. Over the course of the movie, you learn that sometimes one’s own will and perseverance can overcome any physical shortcomings,” relates Long of his personal experience.

The story is set towards the end of the Age Of The Dinosaurs, when there were many different species of dinosaurs on the Earth, but also birds and insects. The film centers on a family of Pachyrhinosaurus (thick nosed lizard), which, as we discover, were huge herbivores, with horns, a frill and a beak.

Long has this fascination with dinosaurs and further shares that “I can confirm that I was obsessed with dinosaurs. I just don’t know where that obsession comes from and why kids love them so much. There’s obviously the appeal of them being larger than life. They’re like monsters. Kids are fascinatedby monsters and things that scare them.They feel like they were born out of the imagination. But when you’re a kid and you learn that they actually existed and you can read about them and see their bones, it is amazing.”

Justin Long’s career began when he was a member of Vassar College’s comedy troupe, ‘Laughing Stock’. His first movie role was in 1999’s “Galaxy Quest.” This was followed by the teen horror film, “Jeepers Creepers” and continued with films that include “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” “Accepted” and “The Break-Up.” The versatile actor starred in the hit action film “Live Free or Die Hard” opposite Bruce Willis. His other credits include “Funny People Serious Moonlight,” “Going The Distance,” “The Conspirator,” “10 Years,” “Drag Me to Hell,” “After.Life” and “He’s Just Not that Into You.”

Bigger and more immersive than anything that had gone before in 3D, “Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie” is set to amaze with its dazzling visual effects shot in real environments when it opens January 8 in cinemas nationwide.

“Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie” is a major new blockbuster presented by 20th Century Fox and Reliance Entertainment in association with IM Global. A BBC Earth and Evergreen production in association with Animal Logic.

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