How Celebrity Mom Kat De Castro Protects her Daughter from “Threats”

There are a few things that celebrity mom and media personality Kat de Castro can’t stand—and one of these is the threat of head lice infestation.

“It’s one of the things that I feel really overprotective about. Just the thought that my daughter Khloe might get head lice puts me on the defensive,” said Kat.

For Kat, having head lice is not just unhygienic but she also considers it a health problem. “What mother would not get worried if her child has lice? It’s not just because my daughter would be itching but the fact that there would by tiny parasites on her head and hair—and they could spread to all of us,” she added.

Kat makes sure to take preventive measures to keep lice from infesting their home, like regularly having pillowcases, beddings, and linens washed thoroughly and even soaking them in hot water. She also checks her daughter if she seems to be scratching her scalp more than normal.

“General hygiene is really important and I taught Khloe about making it a habit since she was a little girl. But sometimes, even if you know your daughter is very clean and healthy in her habits, you can’t be sure what she gets exposed to outside. She can still get lice from contact outside the house,” said Kat.

She discovered that the best way to ease her mind about head lice infestation is to have anti-lice shampoo in the house. That way, she feels secure that she can take care of any lice problem as soon as she discovers it.

“Like many of us, while growing up I learned about various home remedies for head lice, from using suyod (a very fine-toothed comb) to even applying gasoline on the hair and scalp. I still believe in using suyod but I think it can’t solve the problem alone. We already have modern and effective ways to get rid of lice, like anti-lice shampoo,” she said.

The next step for Kat was choosing the right anti-lice shampoo for her family. After doing research, she decided on LiceAliz. Her primary reason for doing so is because it is very safe and effective, plus also quite convenient to use.

“I read about the active ingredient in LiceAliz, which is pyrethrin. I found out that it’s a natural ingredient made from chrysanthemum flowers. Following the instructions for using LiceAliz is also easy, since we can use it like ordinary shampoo and there’s even a variant with menthol for a soothing cool feeling. All I have to do is follow the directions on the label,” she said.

LiceAliz is a head lice treatment shampoo made of natural ingredients with pyrethrin, which is proven safe and effective for removing head lice and their eggs in adults and children as young as two years of age.

LiceAliz is applied just like regular shampoo and also has a conditioner that keeps hair soft, healthy, and manageable. For the first two weeks of use, it must be applied twice a week. After that, it is applied only once a week to keep head lice from coming back. For best results, it must be left on the hair for ten minutes before rinsing.

Besides being safe, effective, and convenient to use, LiceAliz has the added benefit of costing as much as 50 percent lower than other brands of head lice shampoo. It also has a variant with menthol for a cool, refreshing feeling on the scalp. LiceAliz is available in drugstores, groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

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