BENITO'S KITCHEN Hosted 'Food Blog Workshop' by SEO Camp Philippines

This is my first time to visit BENITO's KITCHEN at Katipunan Road in White Plains, but not primarily to eat, but to attend a SEO blog workshop dubbed as "Building, Optimizing and Measuring Profitable Blogs to The Next Level" conducted by SEO Camp Philippines, in cooperation with Benito's Kitchen Mexitalian Goodness, Isang Minutong Smile, Social Media PH,,  Get Your Business Online Philippines & Xight Interactive.

Though others would not treat me as newbie blogger, I still consider myself as one. Blogging is a continuous learning especially now that Google keeps changing its algorithm. I attended the workshop to learn some new tips and techniques. Luckily I was handpicked as one of the lucky 15 attendees by SEO Camp Philippines. Pizza + nachos + SEO = FUN! :)

First topic was How To Measure Your Blog’s Success to Level Up by Mark Acsay of where he reiterates the importance of analytics, especially Google Analytics -the free tool from Google. Though this is one of the 'basics' of blogging, many bloggers like me keeps on forgetting to look at the blog statistics. Looking at these data is a sure way to found out what users are looking for. You can check out the whole deck via SlideShare.

Next up was "Insider Scoop of Blogging Scene in the Philippines" By Mark Madrona of Another fun topic that I though at first would be boring but not! I learned a lot especially the fact that the speakers talks like a teacher and we are his student. Sadly he haven't uploaded her deck yet on SlideShare, but I will share it here once available.

Up next is "Secrets in Branding Your Blog Using Social Media" by Christian Melanie Lee of Though the topic is interesting and you can see the effort of the speaker, it seems to me that her talk doesn't talk about blog branding in general. I can't barely hear the speaker too. Though, I still learn something about from her slide like the importance of using jargon in our blog posts & the importance of sticking in your niche. You can view her slide here.

Last topic for the afternoon is "Steal the Traffic Generation Strategies I Use" by Jason Acidre of My seatmate told me that the speaker is one of the best SEO strategist in the Philippines so I should listen carefully. Which I did! He presented 19 tips to drive more traffic to your food blog which include using breadcrumbs links which I though not important before. I've also learned about Schema/ Microdata Markups that you can see on Google search results which is new things to me. You also told us about Static Marketing which include using the same "display photo" on all your social networking sites so people will easily remember you. I learned a lot on this one! I love his slides too. Check out her deck on SlideShare.

I brought home a lot of new knowledge thanks to SEO Camp Philippines and the four informative speakers. I hope there will be more workshops like this soon!

For the food part check out: Benito's Kitchen White Plains

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