DEPED Sec. Luistro: “Plan make up classes for suspended class days”

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC has called on school officials to plan make up classes for the days when classes were suspended as a result of massive flooding spawned by the “habagat” and typhoon Maring.

Based on the school calendar issued by the Department of Education (DepEd), elementary and high schools have to fulfill a minimum of 180 days contact time with students for each school year or 45 contact days per quarter.

The education chief said public school superintendents are mandated to consult with their school principals to decide on how best to conduct make up classes.

“If there are class disruptions, these can be made up through additional take-home modules or actual make up classes either on Saturdays or by extending class hours on weekdays,” Luistro explained.

According to Luistro private schools are given the authority to come up with their own measures to meet the required contact time with students. “For private schools, we trust the decision of the school management,” he said.

The DepED annual calendar of some 200 school days already includes 20 days buffer for class disruptions.
Many public school buildings were either damaged or used as evacuation centers as a result of massive flooding made even worse by tropical depression Maring. Classes and office work were suspended for most of the third week of August as a result of the weather disturbance.

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  1. It is really not good when classes are disrupted by unwanted reasons. Education is unique thing which we have to get continuously and without any disruptions. But natural calamities like typhoon tsunami etc are some time caused the disruption of classes.