SM VALENZUELA Celebrates 144th Anniversary of Dr. PIO VALENZUELA

Mallgoers had the rare opportunity to view the life, works, and heroism of Dr. Pio Valenzuela during the 144th birth anniversary celebration at SM Supercenter Valenzuela.

Held recently at the mall, the launch showcased an informative display of Dr. Valenzuela’s role in the Philippine Independence together with revolutionary triumvirates Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto. Captured through the old photographs were the revered hero’s life, works and contribution to the Philippine history. “The exhibit will take visitors back to the time of Dr. Valenzuela. It covers the hero’s lifeline in the pre-colonial, Spanish and American times” said SM Valenzuela Mall Manager Jacqueline S. Tan.

Featured in the week-long exhibition was the hero’s legacy as a Filipino physician and patriot during the Philippine revolution against Spanish regime. His memoir as the key player to publishing the Katipunan’s newspaper “KALAYAAN” was also highlighted.

Likewise, an in-depth presentation on Valenzuela’s leadership was also emphasized. The exhibit vividly presented his political timeline as the first mayor of municipality of Polo (now Valenzuela City) from 1899 to 1900 and his influence in Bulacan as the Governor of the province from 1921-1925.

Valenzuela’s descendant Arch. Arturo Valenzuela, Mr. Felix Valenzuela and Mr. Edgardo Valenzuela, Valenzuela City Historian/Curator Mr. Jonathan Balsamo and City Councilor/Actress Charee Pineda along with SM Valenzuela Mall Managers Ms. Hazel Bernice Reyes and Ms. Jacqueline Tan shared honors during the event’s ribbon cutting ceremony. City Councilors Cora Cortez, Tyson Ty and Mar Morelos also attended the event.

More than honoring the invaluable sacrifice, gallantry and dedication of Dr. Pio Valenzuela to Philippine independence, SM Valenzuela also aims to provide an alternative learning experience for students and the general public about the hero and the city as well.

“Because little was covered in history books about Dr. Valenzuela, SM Valenzuela would like to help students and even the public to know more about the hero and the city as well” SM Valenzuela Mall Manager Jacqueline S. Tan added.

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