AOC Breeze Tablets: MW0731+ & MW0831

AOC, the worldwide leader in display manufacturing, ventures into the tablet business by launching its own version of 7 inch and 8 inch tablets. The AOC Breeze MW0731+ and AOC Breeze MW0831 tablet was launch during a media event held at the Holiday Inn Makati last week.

Fast, flexible and powered by the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system, the latest incarnations of the Breeze MW0731+ and Breeze MW0831 are the perfect companions for everyone who does not want to miss out on their email, social media, the latest news, entertainment and the most engaging games.

Powered by 1.4GHz ARM Cortex A9 Duo- Core & Quad-Core GPU (RK3066) processors, both models also come with standard 8GB internal memory expandable to 32GB through its microSD slot, 1GB DDR3 RAM, built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G dongle support, front cameras and 7 and 8-inch LCD capacitive screens with HDMI support for the MW0831.

Battery life is very impressive at up to 12 hours of audio for the MW0731+ and 25 hours for the MW0831.

And because its display is one of AOC’s strongest suits, expect the screens of both the Breeze MW0731+ and Breeze MW0831 to be among the brightest tablet displays in the market.

With a suggested retail price of at Php 5,999 for the 7 inch variant, and Php 8,999 for the 8 inch version.

Standard software includes Internet Browser, Video Player, Audio Player, Photo Browser, Email, Sound Record, Calculator and Ebook Support. Google Play is also included for easy downloading of additional apps and games to further enhance its computing and entertainment value.

AOC Breeze Tablets are available at authorized retailers nationwide and distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.


Headquartered in Taipei, AOC is a world leader in the display technology for monitors and televisions, backed by over six decades of design and manufacturing experience.

The size of AOC global operations is impressive. AOC operates 9 international offices, employing almost 600 professionals dedicated to promoting the AOC brand worldwide. Official distributors and service partners extend AOC's permanent sales and support to more than 100 countries.

Backed by over 60 years of electronic manufacturing experience, AOC embraces technical innovation, quality production and award-winning design, with a constant focus on environmental and ergonomic features.

Around the world, AOC has been praised with numerous awards and excellent reviews for its first-class products.


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