ADOPTION in the Philippines: "Love Sees Beyond Differences"

The adoption e-books were introduced through a series of storytelling sessions by some notable personalities including beauty queen Miriam Quiambao. In these photo she read the story "Mummy and Hunny Bunny"

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) and McCann Philippines launched the first-ever written & illustrated eBooks to strengthen the adoption advocacy campaign in the Philippines, dubbed as "Love Sees Beyond Differences."

These 7 helpful e-books were introduced through a series of storytelling sessions to some adopted children and adoptive parents during the launching ceremony. These are the first-ever written and illustrated stories for Filipino adoptive families who faces the challenge of telling the idea of adoption to their children or how they can gently explain and tell their children that even if they did not come from them biologically, they had loved, waited for them since the moment they came to their lives or the day they decided to adopt them.
Assistant Secretary Ted Romo Jr. from Department of Social Welfare & Development.

“There are so many children in orphanages & other child-caring facilities waiting to be adopted. But families hold back on adoption because of the stigma,” said Assistant Secretary Ted Romo Jr. from the Department of Social Welfare and Development who did the opening remarks. He said DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman was not able to make it because they're busy preparing for the President's upcoming State of the Nation Address. "These ebooks will be a tool for adoptive parents to effectively communicate to their adopted children that though there are differences between them because they are not their “biological parents” their love for their children is something that is immeasurable and goes beyond differences."

“Through this ebooks, we are hoping that more adoptive families will volunteer their time and talent to the advocacy campaign and more adoptive parents will be more willing to consider the option of adopting and giving their unconditional love to adoptive and unfortunate children who need the warmth and love of a parent,” he added.

The lights dimmed, and they called the children to be in front, and the first story, "Juju, Looloo & Baby Wuwu" was read by Ms Nanette Santos.This was followed by the next story read by Ms. Miriam Quiambao (on the first photo.)

Janet Villa reading "Baby Circle."

Children storytelling connects and serves as a bedtime entertainment or a tool for our children to sleep. When told in a fun and convincing manner and even in animated manner, these stories can impart moral values to the adoptive parent and children and creates a strong bond. These ebooks will be a helpful tool to shape values of the adoptive children and slowly help adopted children understand their roots and early beginnings.

The importance of Adoption Telling was told by Lisa Moran, a board member of Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF) According to her, "... by establishing a good relationship of the adoptive parent with their adoptive children, parents can let go of the fear of telling the truth to their adoptive children."

She added that gently explaining could lead to the children to get the confidence to say what it is like to be adoptive as they will realize how lucky they are to belong to a loving and adoptive families that gave them the real love and caring of a loving parents. She further advised the parents to take a cue from the question of the child instead of refusing to answer because children deserves to know.

“If the child asks “Did I come from your tummy?”, adoptive parents should answer, “you came from other ways because we love and waited for you long before you came to us,” as an honest answer.

One of the notable guests is Mr. Ardy Roberto who talks about Parent's Experience of Adoption Telling. He is an adoptive parent to his now 5 year old son, Joshua whom he adopted from KBF when he was 6 months old. "When you want to tell your child that he/she is adopted, just remember L.O.V.E." he said.

L stands for Lightness (talk about it in a light manner) O is for open-heart & open mind. V for a gentle and assuring voice and lastly E which means a sincere look in the eye of your child.

Story #4: "Room Full of Gifts" was told by Teacher Mariel.

 Miss Georgina Angsato shared story #5: "Destiny’s Delivery."

Honey de Peralta from Flipside Publishing Services Inc.

The General Manager Flipside Publishing Services Inc., Honey de Peralta shared the importance of e-books and its role in the advocacy. "We chose to do it in e-book format because it is easier to disseminate, accessed, and read by any family, not just in the Philippines but worldwide." She said they also have plan to print these in regular book forms. The ebooks will be published on line by the Flipside Publishing Services Inc.

6th Story: "Case of the Missing Smile" by Mr Mike Tripp.

"Juana Bee" is told by school teacher, Ms. Bituin Callanta.

Sir John Valeria, the Guidance Counselor of Don Bosco Pre-School

According to Mr. John Valeria of Don Bosco Pre-School, you should tell your child that he/she is adopted as early as 3 years old. You will have a hard time telling them when they're adolescent. "Here in the Philippines, there is no such thing as secret. It's definitely devastating if your child found out from other people that he/she is adopted, so the best way is to tell them right away." he said. He also told one story of her student who didn't finished her school just because of the this.

“These e-books were created to equip adoptive parents with tools that will help them openly share their adoption journey with their children,” said Cecile Gabutina Velez, the managing partner of McCann Philippines.

I am happy to see that there's an adoption advocacy campaign happening now here in the Philippines and I am very positive that this campaign will soften the stigma on adoption. Congratulations are in order for The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) and McCann Philippines.

The word "adoption" is close to my heart, though I can't divulge any more information why because of the apparent "stigma" still on the word 'adopting.' But in time. I am very proud of the adopting parents who moved heavens and earth just to love and nurture their child at heart. It is not an easy task to raise a biological child what more to love a child that comes from other family.

I also believe in telling the child that they are adopted as early as you can. I don't find anything wrong with adopting or I will not feel superior if I found out a friend or a classmate is adopted or not. In fact, I will respect him/her more because of his/her braveness in telling the world that he/she is adopted. Also, I believe that we all should go legal if we want to adopt, though there might be expenses the fruits are rewarding.

Attending the launch of this 7 e-books is so heart-warming because the love is overflowing. You can see it at the smile of everyone in the venue. Got teary-eyed during the event because there's still a lot of people willing to give love and care, and open their hearts and home to adoptive kids.

these FREE ebooks will be available for download soon at :)

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