The Robby Rabbitry - Padre Garcia, Batangas

Here in the Philippines, when you told someone that you've eaten a rabbit, the normal reaction would be "Eeeww." or "OMG. Kawawa!" but not in the other part of world, especially in Europe where consuming rabbit is normal. I heard it's nutritious too! According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, rabbit meat is about 20.8% protein and only contains 4.5% fat and 795 calories per pound (beef is 16.3% protein and chicken is about 20%) Most meats like pork, beef, lamb, turkey, veal & chicken are high in undesirable fat but not rabbit meat. Its the best meat choice based on fat percentage.

In March 2012, Mrs. Gigi Morris & her husband, started The Robby Rabbitry in Barangay Castillo, Padre Garcia, Batangas. Their aim is to promote responsible rabbit farming in the Philippines, and to raise healthy and nutritious rabbit meat by adopting sustainable feeding program using locally grown forages and produce with no pesticides.

They also breed and raise rabbits for pets and home companion. TRR don’t release their bunnies until they properly weaned from their dam. TRR promote and create awareness on caring for rabbits for pets. Gigi Morris, The Robby Rabbitry's Mama Bunny is a member of American Rabbit Breeders Association.

I enjoyed cuddling the cute rabbits. Some rabbits are tame but some are hyperactive and others, would mount on top of others rabbits! :D The Robby Rabbitry houses more than 200 rabbit, some are for breeding, some are pets of the Morris family and some are for rabbit farming.

welcome drinks made from rosselle & blue tarnate flowers.

... they also have "Pig's Corral"...

... and Turkey's Paddock. They also had a pond for tilapia fishes.

Blue Rice.

Mangoes, Puto & Tamales.


Before the lunch I already anticipated for an all-rabbit meat meal. 
Good thing there are other variants :)

This is the RABBIT CALDERETA. I let all my companion taste it first so I could hear some feedback and it seems that all of them liked it. So I took a bite and ....
"taste like chicken!" I exclaimed. :) 

Actually it does taste like chicken or pork. Its normal. You wouldn't know that its rabbit meat unless the cook told you so. I just stopped imagining the rabbits I'm cuddling earlier so I could have a good lunch :) For a Filipino like me who grew up treating rabbits as pet, the experience is not traumatic at all. I can't wait to taste another rabbit dish. :)


our dessert is another interesting thing: 
raw honeycomb & candied calamansi.

sugar cane juice is my fave.
After our sumptuous lunch we stayed in their cozy Filipino-style guest room and rested for a while. But some of us end up sleeping so the scheduled "rabbit cooking demo" didn't push through. :)

 The neighbor of Mrs. Gigi also invited us to tour their farm nearby (Ibaan, Batangas). We saw a lot of sili & pepper trees and had fresh coconuts juice on the end of our tour. 

Before we call it a day, we had a hearty merienda at Great Taste Goto & Lomi House (located Pangao, Ibaan, Batangas) I've heard this is quite famous in the area. I knew the reasons why after we finished eating. Their lomi & pansit guisado is to die for.


The Robby Rabbitry offers a guided tour in their farm for P200/head with free welcome drinks. If you want to stay overnight, I heard that's P4,000/day that includes the use of their Filipino-style rooms. For more information on prices just email or txt/call 09194790566.


TRR is in Brgy Castillo, Padre Garcia, Batangas. Take SLEX all the way to STAR- exit Lipa. Take P. Torres St. (this is the only tricky part bcoz of some rerouting in Lipa) all the way to intersection going to Rosario and Tiaong. Turn left and take the one going to Tiaong (its the Batangas/Quezon rd). When you reach Brgy Castillo - on your right, keep an eye on a ricemill and Generoso Trading. You'll see a small waiting shed on the road going to the farm. Take that road and in about 500 meters you'll find a small farm with mango trees.

From Laguna, you can take the Maharlika Road to Tiaong and took the road going to San Antonio/Lipa. TRR is located are the next town after San Antonio if coming from Tiaong.

Brgy. Castillo, Padre Garcia, Batangas City
0919-4790566 ; 

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  1. hhmmmm. i think you convinced me to try rabbit meat :-)

  2. I had research about the rabbit's meat and it's really good and mabilis lang sila mag reproduce so what's the matter of eating them? although good choice din sila for pet but they can offer us more so why not diba? So I was planing to have a rabbit farm specially sa meat production to help you guys promoting rabbit's meat dito sa pilipinas. Go Robby Rabbitry!

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