DEPED Releases Guidelines on Granting of Performance Based Bonus

The Department of Education releases the guidelines on the granting of Performance Based Bonus (PBB) for its personnel, based on Executive Order No. 80, s. 2012 signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III. The guidelines take effect February 28, 2013.

DepEdhas created a Task Force composed of DepEd officials and field officersto formulate and finalize the guidelines. After an arduous set of meetings, the committee has come up with guidelines containing policies and clarifications on the implementation of PBB.

In line with this, DepEd will evaluate and grant the PBB to all bureaus or delivery units and employees who have worked diligently and have performed well according to their contribution to the achievement of the Department’s overall performance targets, which in turn, will determine the amount of PBB to be received.

According to DepEd Order No. 12, s. 2013, the implementing guidelines shall be adopted and will take effect once the Department is identified eligible to the PBB. To get the top-up bonus for the Fiscal Year 2012, the following criteria and conditions should be met by DepEd:

a. Achieved at least 90% of FY 2012 targets of each Major Final Output (MFO), Support to Operations (STO), and General Administrative Support Services (GASS); b. Achieved 90% of each priority program/ project targets agreed with the President under the five Key Result Areas (KRAs) of Executive Order No. 43; and c. Satisfied 100% of good governance conditions.

Those who have qualified from the Central Office (CO), Regional Offices (ROs), Division Offices (DOs) and attached agencies, shall be further evaluated based on the said guidelines and on their individual performance.

As for teaching and non-teaching personnel of the schools, there will be no individual ranking at the school level. Thus, the performance category of the school shall determine the level of PBB that each employee will receive.

Furthermore, DepEd employees who are recipients of awards such as the Literacy Awards and national awards from the Civil Service Commission and Metrobank Foundation in FY 2012, are guaranteed beneficiaries of the P 35,000.00 bonus– the highest incentive level of PBB.

On the contrary, employees who received a “Below Satisfactory” rating or who are guilty of administrative and/or criminal charges, shall automatically be disqualified from receiving the PBB.

The PBB will act as an incentive in addition to the across-the-board bonus of the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) and will not replace any formerly-given incentive. It aims to promote excellence and accountability among government employees thus, providing their best public service.


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