Scent-sational Christmas Gifts for Men at SM

Let’s face it- shopping for a man isn’t really all that difficult. Get him a gadget. Give him some sports gear. Wrap up something to do with his car. There are a thousand and one toys for boys that will put a smile on his face. But what about you? What do you get out of those gifts besides a distracted man who’s too busy tinkering around with his new toys to help clean up after Christmas dinner? This year, buy your guy something that he’ll find useful, and, like a little Christmas bonus, you’ll get a kick out of too. Get him a new fragrance.

I know, I know, a lot of women find this challenging. First, you have to make sure he’s going to like it. Second, you have to make sure you’re going to like it. It all sounds a bit complicated, but the truth is choosing the right fragrance all comes down to three things. First, you have to know the man- his personality. Second, find something within your budget. Last, know where to look. And you need look no further. Here’s a handy little guide to men’s personalities matched with appropriate fragrances all conveniently available at any SM Department Store’s Beauty Section.

The Urban Warrior

Bright and promising, he’s a career-driven soldier always ready to do battle in the corporate world. Outside of work, he plays and parties hard, wears the right clothes, is up to date with the latest gizmos and gadgets, and surfs the blogs and social networks to keep up with the latest trends. Sound familiar?

Odds are he’ll like Fresh Aquatic Scents. They have citrus, floral, herbal or fruity notes. They can be sharp, tangy, sweet, and refreshing. Often, they have hints of cool sea- or spring water. Here are some good ones for this type of guy.

Aqua Di Gio (50ml P3,500, 100ml P4,700) Summery and flora, with jasmine, rosemary, and Hesiparidic notes. Middle notes are persimmon and marine. Base notes go from woodsy to earthy with cedar, patchouli, white musk, and rock rose. It’s always light and refreshing and well-liked by the ladies—it was chosen as Best Men’s Fragrance by Women’s Health Magazine in 2010.

Calvin Klein Eternity Acqua (50ml P3,498, 100ml P4,698). This is an update and a tribute to Ck’s “Eternity for Men”. It has been described as a “modern aquatic-woody fragrance.” Top notes include chilled cucumber, citrus cocktail, water lotus and watery green leaves; Middle notes are plum, pepper, red berries, lavender and white cedar; the base notes are sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli, musk.

Jovan Black Musk for Men (88mL, P700) is a mysterious, sexy , sensual - masculine to the core, potent fragrance for the mysterious man - dark, daring and dangerously seductive. It's what attracts.

The Soul-Searching Artist

Serious and soulful, he’s like an everyday enigma. He has an air of mystery, which, when explored, is full of wonderful surprises. Try complimenting his complexity with a deep Aromatic Sensual Woody Scent.

Hugo Boss Bottled Sport (50ml P 3,950, 100ml P 4,950). This opens with a citrusy spiciness that does not overwhelm the full-bodied, aldehydic and woodsy notes underneath. Stylish and with good character, it’s rather aromatic, masculine and sensual. Top notes include grapefruit, yuzu, pink peppercorn; middle notes include lavender, cardamom, aldehyde; base notes are vetiver, tonka bean, and patchouli.

John Varvatos (75ml P3450, 125ml P4,650) is aromatic, exotic, and sensual, with some spiciness. Top notes include medjool, date fruit, Mediterranean herbs, and West Indian tamarind tree leaves; Middle notes are coriander seed templar, clary sage flower, and Indian Ajowan. The base notes lend considerable heft and heaviness with auramber, vanilla CO2, balsams, eaglewood, vanilla, and black leather.

Playboy (100 ml, P495) offers seduction in a spray. Seduction is a game only true men dare to play! Whether you aspire a cosmopolitan or edgy lifestyle, choose your match from Playboy Fragrances.

Benetton Let’s Move (40ml P950, 100ml P1,450) has a more active quality in its blend of fruity, spicy, and woodsy notes—with aromatics like lavender and geranium. There’s something outdoorsy about it with top notes that include Bergamot, Mandarin, Pepper; with middle notes of geranium, lavender, and cedar; and bottom notes of tonka bean, amber, and vanilla.

The Adventurer

Passionate, driven and sporty, outdoorsy- he is forever on the move, and forever committed to excellence in whatever he pursues. Failure only makes him stronger in the pursuit of his dreams. If this is your man, this is his scent:

Elegant, Leathery, Sporty. Try any of these.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport (75ml P3950, 125ml P 4,900) combines sharp top notes that give way to spiciness and end up musky and woodsy in the end. Top notes are green apple, mint, mandarin orange and cedar; middle notes are sage, ginger and green notes; base notes are fern, amber, musk, sandalowood, patchouli and oakmoss. The base notes provide a smooth, masculine vibe.

Ducati (50ml P1,600, 100ml P2,200) offers a softer, smoother edge in comparison with the previous fragrances with fruity and green top notes, and subtle middle and base notes. Top notes are bergamot, grapefruit, juniper, and Angelica leaf ; middle notes are papyrus, cyclamen, fig leaf, and nutmeg, while base notes are predominantly woodsy with vetiver, guaiac wood, driftwood and a touch of musk

David Beckham (50ml P1,800, 75ml P2,300) makes you experience the charismatic, sophisticated essence of David Beckham, the wonderfully woody, gently spiced fragrance for men.

David Beckham Homme delivers a refined blend of sophisticated woody tones enhanced by fresh spice notes.

There you have it ladies- everything you need to have scent-sational Christmas. Just follow the guidelines on personality, and the signs to SM Department Stores. No matter what type of man you’ve got, I guarantee their Beauty Department has got his fragrance.


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