Christmas 2012 Message from DepEd: “Light, Hope and Peace”

To our dear students, staff, teachers and administrators:

It is my sincerest desire to wish you and your loved ones a season filled with light, hope and peace this Christmas.

Especially during this time in which our fellow countrymen are again struggling to emerge from the devastation brought about by the recent storm, we are in real need of light, hope and peace.

We cannot deny the many struggles and challenges we continue to face in our country. We have a long way to go to bring our people out of poverty, to promote a society of equality, justice, and harmony, and to provide quality basic services to every Filipino, in every corner of the archipelago.

Yet we remain hopeful that in the face of such darkness, light shines through. This light is something each of us has to kindle and share. It is already with us, and it is already within us.

As a department, we hold the light to serve our country through education. For every child we successfully care for, nurture, instruct and guide, we light up an additional candle for our nation’s bright future. If we fulfill our work diligently, cheerfully, and faithfully, we have real reason to hope.

As ordinary Filipino citizens, we have the light to reach out to those around us, share our resources, and extend our compassion to those most in need. What we are able to do may not seem much on the surface, but collectively, each of us sparks a blaze that changes the face of our nation. Let us not underestimate the power of little acts of kindness every day.

With this light within you, I pray that you may be enkindled with hope. Hope for a better country. Hope for a more unified people. Hope for a more progressive and prosperous life for yourselves and your loved ones. And with this hope, I pray that you may encounter lasting peace—peace in your minds and hearts, peace in your relationships, peace in your homes, peace in your communities.

In this truly universal celebration of Christmas, may we all bear witness to the light that is shining within. May we hope in the goodness of ourselves and of our neighbors. And may we discover the lasting peace that comes from a love that is generously shared with others.

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!



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