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There are many things we value in life. We value our family, health, relationships and ourselves. Whatever you value, Watsons values you. That’s why Watsons brings you great value offers so you can get more out of life. See how these personalities share what they value & how they found great value in Watsons.

A Mother’s Unconditional Love

Watsons newest ambassador & celebrity mom Christine Jacob-Sandejas quips, “My family is really my life. It gives me joy to take care of my husband and five kids – keeping all of us healthy is a top priority. It’s a reality though that healthcare is rather expensive especially with a fairly big family such as ours. It’s good to know that we now have more choices when it comes to branded and generic medicines like what Watsons is offering.”

Christine is conscious that quality is non-negotiable despite affordability. With Watsons Buy Generics and Save counters, the best quality generic medicines are available with up to 80% in savings, all made by trusted pharmaceutical companies like Unilab, Ritemed, Sandoz, UHP, Pharex and others.

When it’s My Turn to Take Care of My Parents

As a Pinoy value of caring for elders, children give time and effort to give back to their parents. As Venus Raj, Miss Universe 2010 runner-up recalls “We were really hard up before. When we were kids my mom would do multiple jobs to support our family. And Nanay has been there for us all the time - raising us and keeping us in good health. Pipilitin nya kami to drink our medicines as required - on time and after meals. Now that I am able to provide for her, I make sure she gets the best care possible especially with her maintenance medications. I value my mom’s health that’s why I want her to live a longer life and have more time with our family. Ako naman ang mag-aalaga sa kanya.”

Known to many, most elderly illnesses are hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol & most of the time, the elders forget to take their prescriptions. With Watsons Compliance Packs, patients are reminded to strictly comply with prescription to win over their ailments. And the best thing about Compliance Packs, it’s priced up to 80% less than the leading brand.

Love for Myself

Since becoming a runner-up at the Miss Universe 2010, Venus Raj’s has become very occupied with the many facets of her new life - a beauty queen, a morning show host, an endorser and a daughter. And when the time to rest comes, she makes sure she gets to do the things she loves, too, like pampering herself with wellness activities. Busy as a bee, Venus says, “Since I became Ms. Universe runner-up, life has never been the same. I got more than what I prayed and worked hard for. And now sabi ko sa sarili ko, no matter what I do, I would still think that there is no limit to what I can achieve. And dami ko pang gustong gawin at ma-achieve for me and my family kaya I really have to take care of myself.”

Like Venus, you too can reach the heights you want to conquer by staying focused and staying healthy all the time. With Watsons Comply & Save value offer, an SM Advantage Card member can enjoy the perks of more savings of up to 30% when purchasing featured vitamins & supplements.

For the One Who Means the World To Me

As head of every family and home, husbands and fathers are partners in home building and not just providers. Behind every man’s success is a woman who encourages and inspires. She is every man’s partner in the shaping of a happy home where dreams see fruition.

“To a woman like my wife (Christine Jacob-Sandejas), only the best lang talaga. We’ve been married for 12 years – Christine has supported me in all the ups and downs, and gave birth to our five great kids. In turn, of course I want to make sure that she is in top shape. It really amazes me how she is always ready to do different activities with me & the kids everyday! Christine takes care of everyone so I take care of her naman. She means the world to me,” gushed Paco Sandejas, loving husband to celebrity mom, Christine Jacob-Sandejas.

Staying at the pink of health has never been easier with the help of Watsons Health Packs – conveniently-packed adult vitamins and over-the-counter medicines to prevent daily illnesses. Health Packs are Watsons great way of rallying you to Be Ready, Be Healthy whatever your day may bring.

Watsons and You

Really, whatever you value, Watsons values you. Comply & Save, Watsons Health Packs, Watsons Compliance Packs and Buy Generics are just some of the value offers that aim to make quality healthcare within easier reach for all Filipinos. And beyond affordability, Watsons also has a strong network of well trained pharmacists that provide free health services and medication counseling. Watsons pharmacy -- bringing you more value so you can get more out of life.

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