“Let’s Move & Let’s Love”

As United Colors of Benetton launches two of their newest fragrances, Let’s Move for men and Let’s Love for women, they challenge us to move and love. In this day and age, we’ve been learning that there are different ways to move and love… because these are more than simple verbs but real states of mind.

We choose to move or love when we do a good deed, say a kind word, extend help, give generously, and make time for people. We might not always feel like doing these nice things but when we choose to move and love, we choose to act.

For me, I will 'move & love' by  treating my family on my birthday next month. I'm planning a pig-out sessions at Yakimix in Mall of Asia or in Buffet 101 in the same area. Or, if the weather permits we can go and visit Tagaytay, visit the nearby churches there and eat the famous bulalo overlooking the Taal lake. Or, (haha I have many options I hope I did one of these) visit the famous restaurant Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac. A famous landmark in the north that features a lot of larger than life statues! I visited it few months ago with friends but I want to go back again, this time with my family! They got so excited when they saw all the photos. Well what's important is the bonding time with them, especially now that I'm living independently! ;-)

JL Santiago Aquino

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