'The Generics Pharmacy' now delivers via CityDelivery!

Aside from delivering delish food from top restaurants around the metro, CityDelivery now delivers your medicine too! :) Yep! You can now have your order from The Generics Pharmacy without leaving your home. Why brave the traffic, and waste your money for gas when you can have it, just by dialing 87878! With CityDelivery‘s newest innovation, you won’t have to worry about keeping your health intact anymore!

Now, you can order & have your medicines delivered at your convenience from the usual over-the-counter meds to maintenance meds. CityDelivery is proud to announce that the first ever real-time medicine delivery in the metro is here!

The Generics Pharmacy are known to be one of the most trusted drugstores in the Philippines that bring benefits of generic medicine and has been the answer for the constant need for reasonably priced medicines nowadays.

With over 1,230 outlets nationwide, they truly deserve to be hailed as one of the 10 Top Businesses of the Decade by Entrepreneur Magazine. Now, as another improvement from their brand, they have found another way to reach their customers. The Generics Pharmacy now delivers via CityDelivery!


To order from The Generics Pharmacy via CityDelivery just follow these simple steps:
  • OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES: Just place your order directly via their call center, text line or their official website, citydelivery.ph.
  • PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES: Order via hotline, textline or by visiting their website. Then email or fax the doctor's prescription to orders@citydelivery.ph (please get the fax number from their CSRs)
That's it! :-) Their friendly costumer service representative will then process your orders. Just relax and wait for your orders to arrive. The minimum order is P1,000 plus the 10% standard delivery charge, though you can order below the minimum order, with an additional fee of P100.

Experience the the FIRST Real-Time Medicine Delivery in the metro now!

City Delivery Website: http://www.citydelivery.ph
Hotline Number: 87878 or 0917-6387878
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/87878citydelivery

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: blog.ph7@gmail.com. Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.


  1. in the philippines, this is something new! i wish other drugstores would do the same :)

  2. this is nice.
    less the hassle & the pollution.

  3. that's really more convenient...nice for them to have this kind of service..

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