Movie Review: “JUST ONE SUMMER”

Just One Summer is topbilled by Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona, their very first bigscreen team-up via GMA Films. Adding more 'fun' to the film are Joel Torre, Boboy Garovillo, Alice Dixson, Cherry Pie Picache and Ms. Gloria Romero. Completing the powerhouse ensemble are Arkin Magalona, Sheena Halili, Lexi Fernandez, Sef Cadayona, Steven Silva, Diva Montelaba, Benedict Campos, Ken Chan, Joana Marie Tan, Diva Montelaba, Ana Feleo, Mon Confiado, Mega Unciano, Maey Bautista and Betong Sumaya.

Daniel “Nyel” Cuaresma Jr. (Elmo Magalona) is a rich boy who dreams of becoming a doctor while Maria Bettina “Beto” Reyes Salazar (Julie Anne San Jose) is a young lass who finds various honest ways to finance her college education.

As Nyel prepares his requirements for a college education abroad, one thing is missing -- a parental consent from his father, Dan. Ever since, Nyel disliked his father for leaving their family to go back to the province and take care of the farm. His dad will only sign the waiver if Nyel spends his last summer vacation in the country with him -- leaving Nyel with no choice.

Meanwhile, Beto doesn’t know how to tell her dad Berting, that she didn’t get the college scholarship that he was expecting. To save some money for her tuition, Beto then looks for a job in a nearby farm owned by Dan. To her surprise, Dan assigns her to look after his son Nyel, who happens to be her long time crush.

I was able to watch “JUST ONE SUMMER” on its premiere night two days ago at Cinema 9 of SM Megamall. Since this is a local movie premiere I'm expecting a movie theater filled with shrieking fans :-) and I'm right. Though I didn't have a problem with that, because I was able to hear all the lines, luckily.

“JUST ONE SUMMER” seems like an ideal teen movie. A hugely followed love team, just the right supporting cast and a picturesque backdrop of Subic. Though the story is somehow predictable, its just okay to me. This movie is perfect for tweens and teens-at-heart who just want to enjoy, feel kilig, and just have a good time seeing two young people fall in love.

One more thing that I liked about “JUST ONE SUMMER” is Julie Anne Jose. I already knew this girl has the voice of an angel, but I didn't know that she can act well. I became a fan! :)

Elmo Magalona on the other hand needs more improvement, acting wise :-( Though I liked him at the last part of of the movie, in a scene with her dad. The audience in the premiere, likes him too especially when he showed his abs! Two times. Those scenes got the loudest scream inside the Cinema :-)

With the huge following of the JuliElmo loveteam I'm sure this movie will be a hit and I'm expecting another movie from the two. Just One Summer is now showing in more than 100 theaters nationwide!

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