“Alien Fish” on Born to Be Wild

All Wednesdays of the month, beginning August 8, get a closer look at the so-called monsters that lurk deep beneath the country’s waters in Born to be Wild's "Alien Fish" series.

In small fishing towns north and south of Metro Manila, the fishermen are angry. They say monsters have taken over their rivers and lakes—enormous, flesh-eating fish that wipe out their local catch. These are alien species from different parts of the world, and even the authorities are alarmed by their growing numbers in Philippine waters. Fishermen complain that these “aliens” have strong and sharp teeth that can tear down their fishing nets. But how on earth did these aliens find their way to Philippine lakes and rivers?

Meanwhile, in Pangasinan and Pampanga, Doc Nielsen Donato catches wind of a giant fish known as the “black mask.” Some say it is snakelike, with a slimy, twisted body and a head like that of the famous reptile. Others say it can even walk on land. Aboard a boat of game fishermen, Doc Nielsen seeks to come face to face with the so-called “black mask” and attempts to find out how it invaded the lakes.

And down south in the country’s largest lake, Laguna de Bay, Mariz Umali hears of another “monster” that eats away at local fish species. It is called “knife fish” and for good reason. Its appearance is alien enough. And when the team finds out that one kilo’s worth of knife fish eats at least seven kilos of local fish species, they soon understand why the fishermen want it gone from their waters.

Catch the series premiere of “Alien Fish” on Born to Be Wild this Wednesday night after Saksi on GMA-7.

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