VIDEO SEO: A New Way to Get More Visitors!

For sure, bloggers and webmasters like me want to have lots of traffic going to their websites. More traffic means more customers, and can also mean more money, so bloggers are striving hard just to get more hits. But if you tried every technique and tip in the SEO books but you get little or no results, then why not try video SEO?

The term video SEO (may be abbreviated as vSEO) is used to describe optimizing video content for search engine traffic. The goal when working with video SEO companies like this company for video production in Melbourne is to have your video content appear in video search engines as well as in the organic search results for major search engines, with traffic being directed to your website or blogs and not to your video hosting provider.

Online videos can be incredibly SEO friendly & should be part of your online internet marketing campaigns. You can make and distribute a video in popular video-sharing websites like Youtube,, DailyMotion, Veoh, Vimeo and a lot more.

Your videos, when correctly submitted & optimized, are said to be 53 times more likely to generate a first page on SERPS than the usual SEO techniques. However, many companies are ignoring vSEO altogether or only submitting their videos to YouTube under the misunderstanding that this alone will generate SEO benefits.

Top search engines like Google are currently using “blended search” which displays videos, images, news stories, maps, and other types of results alongside their standard search results. This only means that optimizing video content is by far the easiest way to get a first-page organic ranking on Google.

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JL Santiago Aquino

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    vSEO is the next way to go now that everyone is into blogging. In other countries video blogging is the current trend right now

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