Schneider Electric Introduces HOME ANEW

 Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, today announced the introduction of its HOME ANEW concept to encourage consumers to view their homes from different perspectives.

Specifically, HOME ANEW aims to educate consumers about the importance of electricity in the home and how it contributes to improving the quality of living.

Electricity Then and Now

Traditional thinking around electricity has always focused on the availability of electricity and electrical safety, preventing electrocution, accidents due to short circuits, overloads, electrical leakages and lighting strikes. In short, electricity, while essential, was viewed as playing a back stage role in bringing peace of mind to the home owner.

However, lifestyles today have greatly evolved from previous generations. Technological advances have made the presence of sophisticated systems and appliances more pervasive in modern homes, leading to a rising dependence on electricity to power communications, entertainment and security systems in the home. This gives electricity the opportunity to be the main player in bringing comfort and convenience, as well as enabling the modern lifestyles of home owners.

The Importance of Electricity

Consumers today tend to take electricity for granted, assuming that lights will always turn on once we flick the switch. Unfortunately, the importance of electricity is only appreciated in times of a blackout. Imagine a lifestyle without the conveniences of modern living like air conditioning, lighting, internet access, heating, and so forth. Yet, it is electricity – a stable, continuous and quality supply of it – that sustains the creature comforts we enjoy today.

“Today, Schneider Electric introduces the HOME ANEW concept with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of electricity amongst consumers,” said Anthony Fok, Lifespace Business Manager-Schneider Electric Philippines. “It demonstrates electricity’s role in ensuring the running of the most standard systems which make homes safe, connected and beautiful havens. Beyond that, HOME ANEW also shows how electricity can bring our lifestyle to a whole new level, enabling smart and green living.”

The Four Concepts of HOME ANEW

Schneider Electric’s HOME ANEW aims to introduce four home concepts to the consumer, each demonstrating how electricity plays a significant role in the household:

Carefree Home
In a Carefree Home, consumers have peace of mind that their house is protected from short-circuits, power overloads, lightning strikes, electrocution or electrical leakages. Additionally, consumers also enjoy a continuous supply of quality electricity which will ensure always-on internet connectivity for the home, uninterrupted home entertainment and minimise the downtime of the security systems protecting the house.

Beautiful Home
A Beautiful Home is one where lighting helps set the mood and ambience in the home for every possible scenario, thus infusing the house with character and life. Additionally, the smaller details of interior design, such as light switches, blend in well with the other parts such as the furniture, flooring and wall colour.

Enlightened Home
An Enlightened Home allows its owners to optimise electricity usage and save money without having to sacrifice quality of living by cutting down on energy wastage caused by leaks and inefficiencies. As a result, Enlightened Homes empower their owners to live green.

Wiser Home
The pinnacle of smart home living, a Wiser Home allows owners to control all devices in the household through a seamless and user-friendly interface, Home control is the enabler for a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle, as control can be effected regardless of whether the owner is at home or outside. By controlling energy usage around the home, owners can contribute to saving the planet without sacrificing quality of living.

Schneider Electric’s in depth understanding of lifestyle, technology and sustainability caters to the sophisticated electrical needs of customers. To learn more about Schneider Electric’s HOME ANEW Concept, please visit or contact us at +632 976 9999.

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