The Glam & Soul of Thomas Sabo: Spring/Summer 2012

FASHION as the expression of soul, of individuality and even a special, attractive quirkiness—with a yen for mixing and matching items for that cutting-edge look. Iconic fashion brand Thomas Sabo is all these and more and it’s already in the Philippines to share the beating heart of its philosophy.

Aptly named “Glam & Soul”, the Thomas Sabo Spring/Summer 2012 collection combines a primal, soulful attitude with glamorous looks that can be fun, retro, classic and chic.

The energy and passion of Rock N’ Roll provides inspiration for the Spring/Summer collection but this time it is softened with a jazzy elegance. There’s a visceral excitement to it, while it also simultaneously sparkles with sophistication..

The essence that permeates this year’s Spring/Summer collection is authenticity: it’s all about creating one’s own special, personal style and being strong in one’s determination to be it.

Silver start

With Thomas Sabo, everything started in 1984 with silver. Jewelry enthusiast and self-made entrepreneur Thomas Sabo began offering high-quality silver jewelry that featured designs that were compelling, even startling: it was beauty found in the unexpected combined with a flair for the classic.

The Skull, the Starfish, the Cross, the Winged Heart—all these classic designs that are unmistakably Thomas Sabo are given proper homage in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Charmed lives

From something that we take for granted as teener’s versatile, guilty pleasure, Thomas Sabo has turned charm bracelets into a must-have accessory with cult status.

Thomas Sabo’s latest Special Addition Collection is the ultimate in personal expression and individual statement: its line of 44 new pendants, five new bracelets, and brand new necklaces with matching earrings and rings are all perfect for mixing and matching—no matter what mood you are in, to fit any occasion, night or day.

Special Addition lets you create your own customized jewelry pairings and looks that are truly your own. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination: express your emotions, flaunt your obsessions, seduce or stand up for your beliefs—Special Addition is a showcase of your taste and individuality.

Key pieces of the line include: four onyx and mother-of-pearl disks are cut-out discs in chic arabesque. These pendants are stylish accents that stun with their beauty. Another highlight is the new silver bracelet with its click-in system; this lets you easily attach pendants to every second link. You will love being an “Additionista.”.

Charm bracelets by Thomas Sabo become good luck charms, souvenirs, tokens of affection or a personal statement. They can be subtle expressions of passion, a perspective, even an obsession—but always meaningful.

Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club Collection now has comprises 450 pendants for bracelets, necklaces, watches, and even mobile phone jewelry—with more designs and variations yet to come. That’s because the collection is endlessly creative and actively imaginative just like its wearers who lead charmed lives.

Jazzy, bluesy chic

Jazz notes, smooth moves in the bluesy darkness—it’s the era of casual cool that’s ushered in with Thomas Sabo’s 2012 Spring/Summer Rebel at Heart Sterling Silver collection. Toughness meets soulful passion in this collection that transforms the rebel’s fire into cool, stylish chic.

While the energy of the rebel’s heart is never quenched, it is channeled into designs that are downsized and subtle—yet powerfully attractive and compelling. Minute design details are achieved with artistic and stunning execution, combined with the power of signature archetypal elements like the Skull, the Anchor, and the Cross. There are also Swords, Sea-horses, Dragons, and Hearts.

Thomas Sabo’s Spring/Summer 2012 Rebel at Heart collection shows that toughness is even more seductive when blended with soul and an eye for style. This is embodied by the miniature Skull that appears in necklaces of obsidian; on bracelets, rings and pendants. It’s maximum impact through understatement—now that is the ultimate cool.

So get your glam on, nourish your soul and create your own expression with the Thomas Sabo Spring/Summer Collection 2012. Go to Thomas Sabo Shops in Power Plant Mall, 2nd Level, Tel. No. (632)896.9534; Shangri-La Mall, 3rd Level; and SM Mall of Asia, 2nd Level.

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