Fab 'Back-to-School Shopping on a Budget' Tips

Summer’s almost over, and kids from nursery to college will be toting their school books again in no time. If you haven’t started scouring the shops for your annual supplies, or even if you already have but want to learn how to effectively manage your back-to-school expenses, here are several ways to satiate your material academic needs.

Prepare a list. From the generic list your school hands out to you every year, to every single daily necessity like a lunch box, mini water jug and hand towels, make sure you don’t miss anything because there’s no other best time to take advantage of incredible markdowns than now.

Being organized has its benefits and pays off in the end. It prevents confusion and small mistakes ranging from buying the wrong folder size or notepad color to forgetting a whole set of basics for your art class.

Be willing to pay a little bit more sometimes. Sure, you got the cheapest shoes from the shelves, but will they last at least 200 school days? Yes, you think those notebooks are a steal, but can they stand the test of time without putting your precious notes at risk? Never take quality for granted. Doing so will probably result in spending way more than planned.

Scan your wardrobe. That trendy and durable pair of jeans you often wear to the university could make do with a new and equally fashionable but economical everyday shirt. You have plenty of socks, and you only need new shoes to get back on track this June. Spend wisely. Mix and match old with new stuff, and you’ll be surprised with the variety of combinations you can come up with.

Brands don’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with wanting high-end brands as long as you can afford it and they serve their purpose. At the same time, you shouldn’t mind when a less popular brand seems to fit your requirements.

Use your careful judgment about choosing which products are adequate enough to help make daily school activities a breeze. Farmers Plaza has specialty stores that offer cost-effective yet excellent choices from clothing to school bags, while the posh boutiques at Gateway have plenty of branded and reasonably priced products.

Look around. Not all stores are equal when it comes to reducing prices this season. Take a stroll and compare prices before you make a final decision. It also won’t hurt to haggle. Times are hard and you need to be smart with every cent that comes out of your pocket. Who knows? You just might find that perfect bargain.

Shop where food is just around the corner. The back-to-school craze can be fun, but the long lines can be a bit taxing especially if you’re running through your list on an empty stomach. It’s pretty convenient to grab what you need in a strategically located establishment adjacent to more than a few food stalls or restaurants so you can opt to chow before, after or in between shopping.

National Bookstore at Ali Mall is among the top choices of practical consumers as it’s right across McDonald’s and only a couple of steps away from the Food Gallery which houses yummy options like Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, and Hen Lin.

Keep these in mind and come to the Back-to-school Sale at the Araneta Center on May 31 to June 3, 2012! Awesome discounts at Farmers Plaza, Ali Mall and Gateway await, plus, you can get to win daily raffle draws and mingle with the Binibining Pilipinas winners while shopping!

JL Santiago Aquino

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  1. very helpful tips!!! i'm sure students will find this very helpful ;)