GMA-7's Gwen Zamora is “The Witness”

Kapuso artist Gwen Zamora was chosen to be the lead actress of an international film “The Witness” which will also be shown in the Philippines this March 2012. After appearing in several TV shows and local movies, Gwen embarks to a thrilling challenge in her career as an artist---showing the international audiences her acting prowess through The Witness.

Since the trailer don't give out much information about the story about the movie, I asked Gwen Zamora what is her role here & why her movie is called  “The Witness” He said, "I'm an expat here," Gwen Zamora is actually a mix of Filipino, Vietnamese, French & British in real life.  "... and I witness something." she hinted on her role in this movie.

Gwen portrays the role of Angel Fordeliza Isagani, a General Manager of a hotel, who was transferred from Manila to the Jakarta Hotel. She is haunted by strange dreams about a young man, named Aris, who attempted suicide by firing his own gun into his mouth.

Who is Aris in Angel’s life? What does the bizarre dreams wanted to convey?

As Angel finds answers to the dreams that keep on haunting her, don’t miss “The Witness” on March 21 in Philippine theaters, and will premiere in Indonesia on April 26, 2012. Directed by Muhammad Yusuf, “The Witness” is produced by Skylar Pictures and released by GMA Films.

with the director.

Among the cast of the said film, Gwen Zamora is the only Filipina yet she assures the moviegoers that she did her best to be at par with her co-actors. Other casts include Pierre Gruno, Agung Saga, Kimberly Ryder, Marcellino Lefrandt, Feby Febiola. 

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