Better Education Thrives Through Endless Reading

While reading my timeline on Twitter a while ago, I saw this link going to, a website that provides a lot of teaching tips, book features, profiles on writers and other educators. it's actually a website started by the husband and wife tandem of Jerry Vicente Catabijan and May Jovero-Catabijan of Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation. They've been in the publishing business for over 47 years now and still counting, with their tagline, "Feeding Hungry Minds since 1965."

“We produce textbooks for grade school to high school levels,” says Mr. Jerry Catabijan, “And we always make sure the books appeal to both the teacher and the student….because the teacher has to believe in the book in order to teach it effectively to his or her students. In turn, the books have to be interesting to students so that they can enjoy reading and studying it. So overall, the book has to play its part in the teacher/student dynamic otherwise, it’s not useful for learning,” he added.

Mr. Jerry Catabijan would always put emphasis on the most important person in student's life: the teacher. He said, “You can have all the fancy educational gimmicks and gadgets, the best books and even the most advanced facilities, but if your instructor is not competent and committed or more importantly, passionate, then you won’t learn as much as you should be.” This is one of the reasons why they put up A website that aims for all of us to be better through reading. The website also comprises of other contributing writers who are teachers themselves and welcomes more contributors.

Their 'About Us' page says, "We made because we want to make our content accessible to teachers all over for free. We believe that the quest to be better is something open to everyone. Doing so fosters discussion, encourages (re)thinking and hopefully, creates a like-minded community of self-learners."

With helpful articles such as "Top Five Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Students’ Minds During Christmas Break," "How to Discourage Cramming," "Allaying Exam Fears," etc, is a no-nonsense website that aims to educate the 'student' in all of us. Websites like this makes me smile with a breath of fresh air, especially now that there are a lot of sites that is just cluttering the world wide web with junks. is not just made for students & teachers but also for the common people who wants to improve to be better. It's now on my bookmark list, because I really want to learn more especially in improving my grammar :)

JL Santiago Aquino

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  1. This is a great advocacy. let us know how we can be involved

  2. Thank you for sharing this new website 'Be Better.'

    It's a good resource for us. :)

  3. i like it i am checking it now and i think i have to bookmarked it also.thanks for the info. JayL.