PETA: Dogs and Cats Are for Life, Not Just the Holidays

 With Christmas approaching, many puppies and kittens given as gifts will wind up in cages in an animal shelter or at the end of a chain when the novelty of having them as companions wears off. That's why People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia has just released a brand-new ad that the group hopes will give pause to "Christmas puppy" buyers. The ad shows a sad puppy chained outside and asking, "Ano Ang Regalo Sa Akin Sa Pasko?" The ad goes on to read, "Pakiusap, Huwag Bumili ng mga Hayop para  Ipang-Regalo." PETA's point? That dogs and cats require up to a 20-year commitment of love, attention, nutritious food, and medical care—so they should never be given on a whim to someone who might soon grow tired of them.

"Dogs and cats shouldn't be given as gifts any more than babies should be," says PETA Asia Vice President Jason Baker. "These animals would never abandon us, and it's our duty to return that unconditional love and support."

Gift-givers, while well intentioned, often fail to make certain that the recipient wants an animal or is willing—or able—to provide adequate care. Also, holidays are no time to bring home a new puppy or kitten who can too easily be lost in all the holiday commotion. And kids can quickly lose interest in walking Fido multiple times a day or in keeping Fluffy's litterbox clean, so parents wind up doing all the work.

PETA recommends that if the recipient is prepared to welcome an animal into his or her life, the buyer should consider taking the recipient to a local animal shelter. This allows recipients to decide which animal is best for them and when the time is right to adopt. It also saves a life by helping a homeless animal find a loving home.

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