'The New You' Magazine Features Iza Calzado

GMA-7's prime actress Iza Calzado graced the 5th issue of  The New You Magazine, also dubbed as The Holiday Skin Issue: Healthy, Clean & Flawless. The New You Magazine is the first and only aesthetic magazine in the Philippines that provides readers with factual information about dermatology, plastic surgery and even dental aesthetic. The magazine tagline read as "The Philippine Guide to Aesthetic Reinvention.

THE NEW YOU MAGAZINE is a quarterly publication on personal reinvention. Their almost 200 page magazine has various sections on Welness, Health and Beauty, including Plastic Surgery (invasive and non-invasive). They features clinis, spas, physical therapist, surgeons, dermatologist, and dentists who are involved in physical transformation.

The magazine also have sections that feature alternative sciences: vitamins nutrition, herbal remedies, hormones and stem cells. We also explain the reinvention of character, psychology, sociology and spirituality.

Though it is evident that the target market of THE NEW YOU MAGAZINE is for the upper AB market, doctors, dentists, cosmetic/plastic surgeons, and generally female readers, they already featured a male on the back cover, Hayden Kho, so that means this magazine caters for the males also. Of course being healthy, clean, flawless and being vain is not limited to the women.

The New You Magazine is under Mega Publishing Group distribution service and exclusively available at National Book Stores, Robinson's Department Stores, Fully Booked, Powerbooks and chain outlets of Filbars, Book Sale and Astro Plus. P200.00 (approximately $7.00) each copy.

Check out THE NEW YOU MAGAZINE issues 1 to 4 above. Issue 4: The Perfect Issue with cover girl Maricar Reyes. Issue 3: The Beautiful Eye with Eula Valdez. Issue 2: The Proportion Issue with Pia Guanio and The First Issue: Age Defying with covergirl Dina Bonnevie.

Issue #1 is already sold-out, but you can still order online Issues 2 to 4. If you're interested just use the contact link.

JL Santiago Aquino

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  1. iza calzado is so pretty. one of the few morenas that i liked

  2. OMG. Iza Calzado is a class act talent. She's unlike any actress out there and definitely the right one to be featured for the latest issue of this magazine.

  3. Many Thanks! JhayL for featuring our magazine. again our hotline for back issues and subscription is 729-5678. many thanks! :)

  4. ganda nya!!! she is my inspiration because she lost weight and she looks great.

  5. For those who to order a copy, just email at online_marketing@thenewyou.ph or text at 09233399682.
    FREE delivery within Metro Manila.