The Hunt for the GATSBY Style Icon

I spent my whole morning at Navotas Polytechnic College the other day, because the 'GATSBY Style Hub' bus is visiting them for the first time! The hunt is on for the next GATSBY Style Icon! The contest is open to all male between 15 to 25 yrs. old. To join just visit the Gatsby Style Hub bus and booths that will be visiting different schools and universities nationwide from October 17 to December 7, 2011.

Navotas Polytechnic College

From all the photos, there will be 'TOP 6' based on these criterias:  40% Styling, 40% Photography and 20% Public Vote. The Gatsby Style Icon Top 6 will undergo a series of workshops and trainings to help them develop their personality, appeal and style. Then they will battle it out in different challenges such as: Styling, Photography and Public Speaking.

The GATSBY Style Hub Bus

Then one winner will get a free trip (for two person) to Tokyo Disneyland for three (3) days and two (2) nights, he will also get a special feature in Chalk Magazine and will bring home Gatsby Products worth Php5,000!

The Gatsby Girls will help you understand what this contest is all about.

 If you want to join just wait for a GATSBY Style Hub Bus and fill out the registration form with your Name, Email Address, Facebook Username, Home Address and Contact Numbers.

Make sure that you write the right infos on the form, because this is the only way to contact you in case you won at the finals.

After you filled-out the form, they will give you a sheet of paper that contain your full name, age and your school. Then you must go inside The GATSBY Style Hub Bus, where you can try and use all the variants of GATSBY WAX.

GATSBY WAX is available in five (5) variants! Black is "Mat and Hard" which is the best seller of them all according to the guys at the Gatsby bus, this one reminds me of Clay Doh of Bench/. Green is "Loose and Flow,  Red is Jaggedly Trendy.

Orange is "Tough and Shine", which is the one I always use since it has the right amount of 'shine effect' and 'setting power.' I don't like those other super shiny wax that looks like gel and don't like it "too hard" that it feels icky after a few hours, and of course you have to put a lot of shampoo just to take it off :D The last color is Purple, also dubbed as Hard and Free. This is the newest variant of Gatsby and also the color of the bus and the uniform of the Gatsby girls.

Orange: Tough and Shine. The hair at the back and on top is styled upright while bangs are styled assymetrically funky, achieve that Emo and Indie Hairstyle.

Black: Mat and Hard. Allows the hair to be randomly scattered, creating  an outrageously, volume-up Harajuku Style.

Purple: Ultimate and Shaggy. Creates a messed-up look with extra bundling effect for that dynamic disarray, Shaggy style!

Blue: Hard and Free. Creates hair flow in the bangs and induce light movements through the tip of your hair resulting to a modernly textured, British hairstyle finish.

Green: Loose and Flow. Creates British hairstyle which gives natural hold and a polished look. 

After choosing the variant that you liked, style your hair, Gatsby Style! Then have your photo taken at the Photo booth inside the Style Hub Bus. All photos taken will be posted online at from October 17 to December 14, 2011.  All pictures will be posted online at by the agency representative present in the venue.

Then, all photos will be screened by Mandom Philippines Corporation to determine the top 6 style icons.


After the picture taking all participants will be given free six (6) samples of Gatsby Wax in sachets. Just like here in Navotas Polytechic College, they gave away three (3) green and three (3) purple variants to each participants.

these two students of Navotas Polytechnic College (NPC) can't contain their happiness after receiving free Gatsby wax sachets.


1. Gatsby representatives will draw the top 6 Style icons on December 16, 2011 at Mandom Philippines Corporation office, 10am.

a. Criteria for Selection:

a. 40% Styling
b. 40% Photography
c. 20% Public Vote (the number of public vote participant garners

2. The Top 6 will be notified via:
a. Registered Mail
b. E-mail
c. Voice call
d. Website announcement

3. Top 6 Style icons will undergo a series of workshops/trainings to help them develop their personality, appeal and style on December 19, 2011, Fraser Place, Makati, 8 am.

a. Challenge # 1 Styling
b. Challenge # 2 Photography
c. Challenge # 3 Public Speaking

4. Should any participant fail to attend the training session, they will be disqualified to continue the search.

5. The Top 6 Style Icons’ profiles will be uploaded in the Gatsby Top 6 tab for public voting on December 16, 2011.

How to Vote:

* Log on to and click on Gatsby Top 6 Album
* Click on a thumbnail to view an entry
* To vote for an entry, click on the vote button at the bottom of the photo

6. Voting will start December 16, 2011 and will end at December 20, 2011.


1. Determination of the Gatsby Style Icon will be done at Mandom Philippines Corporation office with a DTI representative to witness the proceeding on December 21, 2011.

* The participant must know how to style his hair specific to occasions (for casual, special functions and casting events)

b. 30% Challenge # 2 Photography

* The participants must be photogenic, know how to pose and angle themselves so they look good in the photo, long lean and also sell the product (when people see the photo, they will want to buy the Gatsby Hair Wax)

c. 30% Challenge # 3 Public Speaking

* The participant must know how to act and talk like a professional style icon. They have to have an alluring and personable personality so casting agents will want to book them

d. 10% Public Vote

* The number of public vote participant garners

3. The person to garner the highest score will be the Gatsby Style Icon

4. In case of a tie, the same judges will rate the contestants using the set criteria while voting percentages will remain the same.


1. Gatsby Products worth Php5,000

2. A special feature in Chalk Magazine

3. Trip for 2 to Tokyo Disneyland for 3 days and 2 nights (including hotel accommodation and 1 day passport for 2) and P 50,000.00 pocket money. All travel documents and other travel related expenses will be shouldered by the winner. Trip shall be availed within 6 months from the date of claiming.


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