Lemon / Apple + Beer = San Miguel Alcoholic Malt Beverage

I said, “Perfect,” when I took the first sip of San Miguel Flavored Beers. I actually tried the two flavors: Apple & Lemon. I said perfect because it has almost no bitter taste, it’s like you’re not drinking beer. It was not that expensive too! Each 330ml bottle will not exceed P30.00 each.

That was weeks ago, so when I saw this video entitled “Fruits of Love” on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=U7A_U4kX04w. That made me miss the flavored beers again!

This video features the cute love story of “Migui,” the beer and “Lemon.” The day when they first met, their friend requests on Facebook, their first date, their first gifts to each other, etc. The changing of their ‘relationship status’ on FB just sealed their loved for each other.

But looks like their relationship will not last long as “Apple” enters. A more energetic, modern and funky fruit than “Lemon.” They dated too, played games at the theme park, visited the horror house, and dance the whole night away at the bar.

Now, “Migui” is torn between two fruits. Will he choose the classic “Lemon,” his first love or the more modern “Apple” that rocks his socks?

If you are Migui, who will you choose and why? :) Which is the freshest hit, Lemon + San Miguel Beer or Apple + San Miguel Beer? Visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/San-Miguel-Lemon-Apple/183829558303581 and tell them how you like to end this sweet series! :)

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: blog.ph7@gmail.com. Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.


  1. I wanna try them really, bibili ako nyan sa weekend ahihih..

  2. apple..super sarap hehehe...that was the first time natikman ko ang san mig na apple flavor and i love it really..(bucks)

  3. Dependendo do seu objetivo, a quantidade ira' mudar.