Time for Chic, Stylish Accents with TOMATO Watches

THE TOMATO WATCH collection is the perfect accent that completes your fashion statement. Stylish, trendy and eye-catching timepieces for men and women are available for every occasion at all Tomato stores—they add a delicious touch to your outfit.

The variety of styles and materials available on Tomato’s watch collection offers a wide choice for consumers and encourages them to buy several timepieces to be used during different occasions.

“You will notice that Tomato watches come in gold, stainless steel and bronze frames. They are also available in leatherette, animal-skin inspired leatherette and suede straps. At the same time, Tomato watches are quite affordable, so it’s not unusual for a Tomato customer to buy more than one watch. The styles and mix of materials are quite attractive. They reflect different moods: casual to flirty, classy and elegant to daring; or even something more subtle,” says Lennie Dionisio, Tomato managing director.

Pick out casual watches for those laid-back days when being carefree and cool is the look you want. Pick classic round or square timepieces for these days, with leatherette straps in pink, white, silver or red. Make the frames bronze or stainless steel.

On days or evenings where a more chic look is better, wear the sophisticated and subtle stainless steel timepieces in black straps, animal-skin inspired or classy leatherette, or even warm suede. Gold frames in either round or rectangular designs are good choices for these occasions—but if you want something different, why not try something with a red strap? And of course, Tomato watches with rhinestones add that special sparkle to a woman’s look for cocktails or during a date.

“A watch nowadays is more than just a gadget to tell you the time. It’s already part of your outfit—it’s self-expression, a mark of your taste or a fashion statement. Tomato believes that one need not spend so much to accomplish all these. Our watches are stylish, chic and fashion-forward, yet affordable to our market,” says Karen Espiritu, Tomato marketing manager.

There are also unisex watches that are an excellent blend of design and functionality.

“The unisex watches are rather interesting because they have a harmony of masculine and feminine elements. For example, some round frames may look solid, large and sturdy, but this may be softened by the type of strap used. Other styles, like the square- or rectangular-framed models, may at first seem more geared for a feminine taste, but they actually match well when a man wears them,” explains Karen.

The great thing about Tomato fashion is that you can go beyond the suggestions here, mix and match, and create a look that is truly and deliciously your very own!

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: blog.ph7@gmail.com. Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.

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