I've seen a lot of group buying websites and it sprouting like mushrooms here in the Philippines. When I saw some promising group buying websites, I will immediately subscribe to their mailing lists, but it’s really frustrating when I found out that some of them didn’t offer PayPal payments. I don’t have a credit card and will not avail one in the near future and their ‘pay-to-their-office’ scheme is too tedious for me.

That’s one of the strong points of METRODEAL.COM, most bloggers like me only have a PayPal account so it’s so easy to pay with them. I actually saw another good deal at Ensogo, but their payment system via PayPal is buggy so I end up not buying.

My first try at MetroDeal is the pizza deal at Sandy’s Pizza (located near Rockwell in Makati) which consist of 14 inch Supersize Pizza, Large Carbonara Pasta and Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings. Your every purchase at this website can be access on your account tab, so you will see each deal you availed or if you already used them.

The instructions say that I should print or jot down the security code and voucher code so I will not have any problem when availing them.

After two weeks I set up a date with my mom and we planned to just meet up at Rockwell, one rainy afternoon, before we watch a movie at Robinson’s Galleria. I arrived earlier at my mom, so I just used my time to find the place. As I arrived, “Sir, Metrodeal? :)” says the girl in the counter. Probably because, she saw me holding a piece of paper, or they just used to costumers coming from Metrodeal. I just replied, “Yes.”

I just hand her my printed voucher code and she did some cross-checking on their big notebook, and that’s it! My pizza, pasta and buffalo chicken is coming up.

My mom has already arrived when they hand me my order. She came all the way from Caloocan City so it’s understandable that I came first. It’s also his ‘day-off’ from work so we chose to do it on a Wednesday.

We also tried their yogurt which retails at P30.00 each, and bought also 1.5 Litre of Coke Zero because drinks are not yet included in the deal.

We also had a short chit-chat with the staffs and found out that they also have branches at Quezon City and San Juan, aside from the Makati branch where we availed the deal.

I also saw some photo of Kris Aquino and Gabby Concepcion framed on the wall. We were told by the staffs that ‘Sandy’ the owner of the place is actually the sister of Gabby Concepcion, the come-backing actor from the 90’s.

Availing deals at MetroDeal is such a breeze, I actually purchased another amazing deal (a 70% off ‘diamond peel + facial’ deal) that I saw on their email newsletter. Actually, purchasing deals can be quite addicting, so I don’t browse MetroDeal Philippines that much now :)

Well, I hope all merchants that do business with group coupons website, will make us feel like this, like a regular paying customers and not second rate citizens which are now prevalent in other group buying websites.

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.


  1. Your offered Buffet at Bahayan sa Balanghay, Macapagal Ave. is not worth the deal, it is beside a stinky canal, very hot venue, covered only with NYLON Trapals, Very lousy food!!!!!!

  2. oh.. i just want to share my experience in metrodeal.. well its not that bad. although i had problems getting my vouchers. i just emailed them and they quickly took action. maybe its better before you avail the deal, call the merchant first for assurance because sometimes the pictures shown on metrodeal are not the actual places.

  3. Metrodeal is a big scam... I have purchased a targus bag from them last Nov. 20 but it never came at the promised delivery dates. I have tried emailing customer service and the courier Cliqnship but all messages were ignored.

    I am not even sure if this 'Cliqnship' exist or maybe a hoax too.

    I've learned my lessons. Never deal with them again.

    I have also doubts about ensogo or other group buying shops! The offers are too good to be true!

  4. yeah, metrodeal is a big scam! they delivered me the wrong order!