OPM Boyband 1:43 Translates Online Popularity to Phenomenal Album Sales

OPM pop sensation 1:43 (pronounced as “one forty-three”) rule the local record bars with their debut album “Time for Love” by consistently being on the top 10 bestselling OPM album charts since it was launched in April.

Now on its third print, the slambum or slambook-album under MCA Music continuously rakes sales and competes with the records of popular OPM artists despite having minimal television and radio exposures. In fact, it landed on the No. 2 spot in Odyssey’s top OPM albums last April. “Time for Love” currently enjoys the No. 4 spot in the Best-selling OPM Album Chart of Astroplus.

1:43’s popularity is likewise evident in their school and campus shows that are always packed with screaming fans, especially teenage girls, that go crazy over them.

“We did not expect this kind of reception because 1:43 isn’t getting so much radio and TV mileages yet. I think their phenomenal sales shows that the boy band’s online popularity is translating into huge album sales,” says talent manager and music producer Chris Cahilig.

1:43 have also conquered the fashion scene by being the new ambassadors of innovative teen retail brand F'g Freshgear. Their bus ads can be seen along the main roads of Metro Manila.

“While there will be big movements in the musical career of 1:43 in the coming months including a music grant from a huge Filipino fast food chain, we are focusing our efforts in bringing the boy band and their brand of OPM pop music closer to their youth fan base,” adds Chris.

1:43 is composed of four talented, charming, and stylish lads, namely, Anjo Resurreccion, a University of Santo Tomas Psychology graduate and a member of a university theater group; Gold Aquino, a Business Administration student from the Centro Escolar University (CEU) and a campus heartthrob; Kim Nicolas, a Nursing student from Trinity University of Asia and a Candy Magazine model; and Yuki Sakamoto, an Hotel and Restaurant Management student from CEU-Makati and the main vocalist of the group. The boy band was initially marketed in social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube before their official release.

“Time for Love” is a collection of feel-good original Pinoy pop songs, including their minus one versions. It also gives music fans a glimpse of the personal lives of the 1:43 members as it features interesting and revealing trivia of the boys, plus their exclusive photos.

What probably makes “Time for Love” a huge hit among music lovers is the refreshing mix and sounds of the songs as well as their heartfelt lyrics. Critically acclaimed producer and arranger Jonathan Ong of SonicState Studio and brilliant singer-composer and vocal arranger Myrus collaborated with 1:43 to give the album distinct and feel-good energy.

To date, 1:43’s Fanpage in Facebook has garnered over 33, 000 “Likes” and their YouTube videos are being widely circulated.

“Time For Love” by 1:43 is presented by Glitz and Dreamgirl Cosmetics by 4U2 and is supported by F’g Freshgear Jeans and Avida Towers. More information and updates about 1:43 are available in their official Facebook fan page or you may call Chris Cahilig Talent Services at 6647213 or 6872649 and 92.

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