Magnolia Sayaw Barangay 2011

After an event at Sofitel, our next stop is at Barangay Nagkakaisang Nayon in Novaliches, Quezon City! This is the place where we witnessed the first ever Barangay Dance Competition organized by Magnolia Fruitdrink and Magnolia Healthtea, products of Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

This exciting Dance Competition is in line with Magnolia's effort to present an alternative and productive activity among the youth. “We thought of having the Barangay Sayaw because inherently, I think young Pinoys are just full of energy and fun when it comes to dancing” according to Ms. Angeline Uy, the brand manager of the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Group of GSMI.

She also added that, “The event is inspired mainly by the talent shows that we see in primetime and doing it at the barangay level, we believe the youth can easily relate to Magnolia beverages, as the activity revolves around fun and active nutrition.

Magnolia Healthy Beverages started this year with a new campaign, Iba Ang Sigla sa Magnolia Healthy Beverages, which aims to instilling fun and active nutrition among the youth.

before heading to the dance floor, this group makes sure they drink Magnolia Healthy Beverages first, so they won't run out of energy.

It is an exciting competition that will reward the champion with P5,000, followed by P3,000 and P2,000 for the second and third prize respectively. The first place winners will move on to the next level of the competition and will compete with other first place winners from other barangays, and still have the chance to win bigger prizes.

It's so simple to join! Those interested will just need to register via SMS or be present on the day of the competition and submit 24 crowns of Magnolia Healthy Beverages RGB and 10 sachets of Magnolia Powdered Drink Mix.

“This endeavor is our way of giving back to the community”, said Ms. Kristel Traviño, the product assistant of GSMI. “We believe that by hosting this kind of competition, we will be able to encourage the young generation to have a more healthy and active lifestyle”, she added.

There will be 16 barangays competing for this first ever Barangay Sayaw, Iba Ang Sigla Dance Competition by Magnolia Healthy Beverages so there are more chances for dance groups to practice, enjoy their drink and win.

Kudos to Ginebra San Miguel Inc. for holding contest such as this. This is a good way so Pinoy teenagers will not be idle and have something to do in their leisure time. Now they will be busy practicing their dance moves rather than resort to bad vices.

I tried to find the Facebook Page of Sayaw Barangay but to no avail. But I found an FB profile page where you can see updated contents related on this contest. Add this Facebook profile: as friend if you want more details on this contest! :)

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