Bye Bad Photos & Say Hello to a Samsung 2View Camera

Who would think that your "failed photos" can win you a brand new Samsung 2View Camera? Now you can! :) Just join the latest Samsung PH contest dubbed as "Bye Bye Bad Photos, Say Hello to a Samsung 2View Camera" and they're giving away not one, but three new digital camera! So start digging up those failed photos you got on your hard drive and choose any picture that will fit any of these categories: "Wrong Angle," "Jump Shot Fail," and "Baby Gets Bored." Promo duration is from May 31, 2011 to July 31, 2011.

3 Easy Steps To Win!

1. Become a Fan of Samsung 2View Camera PH Fan Page (type in: and register to join the promotion.
2. Upload a bad photo you want to say goodbye to, based on these categories: Wrong Angle, Jump Shot Fail, Baby Gets Bored.
3. Invite at least 5 of your friends to become a fan of Samsung 2View Camera PH and tell them to vote for your photo by liking them.

How To Win:

1. Invite at least five of your friends to join our fan page and vote for your photo by liking them.
2. All entries must follow the photo entry guidelines.
3. Winning photos will be chosen based on how much you need a Samsung 2View Camera, and the following criteria: 40% - number of LIKES,  30% - how funny the photo entry is and 30% - over-all impact and X-factor.

Samsung ST700 is the latest model of Samsung’s 2View Camera Series that has dual screen feature found at the front side & at the back side of the digital camera. With this unique feature, you can easily preview self-portraits shots, making sure that you’re part of every picture you take.

Samsung maximized this innovation by adding 2 new awesome features.

The unique built in “Child Mode” feature is available, where you can now download or create your own animation to keep your kids’ smiling and entertained when you take their photos.This is very useful in child birthdays when you want to easily get their attention.

Also included is a nice “Jump Shot” feature which offers a visual count down in its front LCD screen, before taking 3 fast shots of you and you friends jumping and smiling. With the newest Samsung 2View Camera Series, you can now say goodbye to bad photos and hello to happy photos with your family and friends that you will treasure for a lifetime!

Of course I wouldn't pass this opportunity to join, so I dug up the archives on my laptop to see my failed photos. I have this practice to download all my tagged Facebook pictures on my laptop and I save it in one folder, then I found this photo (left) This one is taken at Mines View Park Hotel in Baguio City.

I called it Failed Jump Shot because I almost jump for ten times just to get it right and all i got is this lousy photo, I just give up because our cam that time is not a Samsung 2View camera with a built in jump shot feature :) It was a fun afternoon though, we all laugh when we saw the result!

I already uploaded it on the contest page but it's not yet visible, if you saw it in the next few hours please vote for it by liking it because 40% of the criteria will be based on that. :)

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.


  1. i too want that camera!! no more bad camera days.. fab pics all the way

  2. this is nice... no more failed jump shot using this camera... amazing! :)

    16.1 mega pixel... that's great Jay-L

  3. im sure bye bad photos ka talaga dyan sana manalo ako hehe..

  4. i want this camera.. bye bye to bad photos. tnx for sharing dis post.