San Juanico Golf Hotel

CASCADING TERRACES at the San Juanico Golf Hotel allow an unobstructed, panoramic view of the scenic, beautifully landscaped 18-hole golf course and the grand San Juanico Bridge.

THE SAN JUANICO GOLF HOTEL, a 30-room hotel with breathtaking views of verdant, rolling hills and the engineering marvel that is San Juanico Bridge is now open for guests and golfing enthusiasts.

Located in Barangay Camansihay (just 10 kilometers from the capital Tacloban City), the new hotel inside the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club has all the amenities visitors would need for a comfortable, safe and memorable experience when touring Leyte or enjoying their golf game at the 18-hole golf course.

The San Juanico Golf Hotel helps meet the growing demand for quality accommodations needed by the increasing number of visitors to the Eastern Visayas region, especially Tacloban City.

“The hotel has 30 units, which is ideal for our concept of a cozy, homey atmosphere for our guests. At this point, we’d still like to avoid a crowded feeling. With a controlled number of stay-in guests, it’s more likely for them to savor the lovely, expansive views and to feel relaxed and carefree, with lots of elbow room to spare,” says Mimi Acacio, President of San Juanico Golf Hotel.

 SPACIOUS, relaxing landscaped greenery surrounds the San Juanico Golf Hotel. It’s an invigorating treat even for non-golfers.

Architect Ed Cumpio designed the hotel with the aim of giving guests every chance to feel relaxed and refreshed. In order to maximize guests’ experience of the surrounding landscape, Cumpio designed the outer units so that they have terraces that descend in a cascade.

As a result, occupants on each unit—from the top to the lower levels, are able to have an unobstructed, panoramic view of the landscaped golf course, the green hills, and the famous San Juanico Bridge that spans for two kilometers across the strait between Samar and Leyte islands. The San Juanico Bridge is considered the most beautiful sea-spanning bridge in the Philippines.

“The feeling of being in such a beautiful, expansive, relaxing place surrounded by greenery, with clear skies and the view of the panoramic landscape that opens toward the huge bridge is a great stress reliever. You simply feel that you’ve left your cares behind and you have all the time for yourself and your loved ones,” says Liza Cahilig, who provided the customized beddings, accessories and drapes.

SWIMMING POOL area at the country club has an Adult Pool as well as a Kiddie Pool for laid-back, fun family bonding for club members and guests at San Juanico Golf Hotel.

When Mimi Acacio approached her for the project of providing the customized beddings and drapes—and after she saw the San Juanico Park Golf and Country Club—she was immediately inspired by the surroundings.

“The very first word in my mind was ‘paradise’. The whole place is a showcase of natural beauty and human landscaping art. For the new hotel, I made sure that the drapes and beddings were customized for comfort and aesthetics that were functional and in good taste, without being gaudy,” Cahilig explains.

Acacio commends Cahilig for a wonderful job with the drapes, beddings and beddings accessories.

“My concept was to create rooms that are relaxing, cozy and homey. Liza’s drapes, beddings and accessories helped me achieve the look and ambiance I wanted. The hotel rooms are comfortable and relaxing for those who want to rest and have some quiet, recharging privacy.

“At the same time, I don’t want guests to remain inside the rooms all day! There’s so much relaxing, soul-nourishing beauty outside that they simply must go out, at least in the terraces where the views are spectacular,” Acacio says.

THE SAN JUANICO BRIDGE provides a grand, breath-taking backdrop to the lush, beautifully landscaped greenery of the 18-hole golf course around the San Juanico Golf Hotel. This sight of an amazing feat of human engineering and design, counter-pointed by the green landscape is a priceless experience for San Juanico Golf Hotel guests.

The new hotel is for members and guests of the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club who want the convenience of overnight (or several nights) accommodations to avoid the hassle of going to the golf course and back to their hotels outside of Barangay Camansihay.

For Victor Domingo, the President of the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club, the new hotel is an important addition that makes their place even more attractive to members, potential members, golf enthusiasts and visitors.

“The experience of San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club has gone from just enjoying a golf game with friends and family into a more complete experience of having a relaxing vacation as well,” says Domingo.

Other amenities of the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club include its spacious and comfy restaurant that serves delicious and mouth-watering local and international cuisine. Stay-in guests are also treated to free breakfast at the restaurant when they book accommodations at the hotel.

There’s also the swimming pool facility that has a pool for adults and another one for kids—making the golf and country club a perfect place for family bonding.

Over the medium- and long-term, Acacio says, the hotel also makes it possible for the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club to host major golf tournaments. “Having a hotel along with existing amenities like the swimming pool, for example, makes us an ideal place for golf tournaments and other related events. Guests not only enjoy the sport but also relax, unwind and enjoy their time with family and friends with more convenience and comfort,” Domingo adds.

Those who wish to inquire about drapes, beddings and accessories may contact Liza Cahilig at Joann Ashley Garments Manufacturing and Design, UG 18, Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. (T) 359 0048 / 359 0049 and 0928-5061106.

For more information about the San Juanico Golf Hotel, please go to or call Sherwin Cabarse at 0926-8565954 for inquiries and booking information.

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  1. The San Juanico Golf Hotel helps meet the growing demand for quality accommodations needed by the increasing number of visitors to the Eastern Visayas region, especially Tacloban City.

  2. A paradise! Highly recommended to see its beauty in person! Well worth your time! Money well spent! - B. Wallace, Duluth, Minnesota