I ♥ Earth Weekends at NUVALI!

Last Saturday morning is not an ordinary one, I wake up early to visit Nuvali with my other blogger friends. Yey! This is my first time to visit the place, so I'm very excited. I've always been wanted to drop by at Nuvali because of the Kois there :D

After I wake up, I feel dehydrated and I'm not feeling well, but I just think that the event will not demand much energy out of me so I'd still go plus the fact that, Jeman, will hate me for sure if I didn't attend this because I already confirmed that I'd show up :)

they are the reason :)

Coming from Valenzuela City, I rode a bus going to MRT North EDSA, we planned to meet up at a gasoline station near MRT Ayala. Along the way, I'm exchanging txt messages with another blogger, Jhong, I asked him if they're already complete. He answered he's still at Bacoor and just like me, he's stucked in traffic. The freezing cold on the bus worsen my situation, I feel like a wilting veggie. I called Jeman, and said to him that I'm still at SM North EDSA, he said that they will wait for me. That's a sigh of relief for me.

Finally I reached MRT, no seats available for me so I just stay on the warm area of the train. I can't stand for long so I just sit on the floor to reserve my energy. Exhausted, I finally reached the shuttle bus. I think I forgot to say sorry to all those who waited because of me, "I'm so sorry guys!"

This is our bus, popularly known as The Bus :)

It has a built in comfort room too, cute!

The reason why we go to Nuvali is for the "I Love Earth" where we can celebrate and pay tribute to Planet Earth with art display activities, in commitment to environmental awareness and appreciation. This celebration started on May 14 and will run up to May 29, 2011 only at Nuvali!

Yes, Earth Day is done but that doesn't mean that we have no reason to celebrate the only planet we call home. That's why Nuvali, the Philippines' largest sustainable eco-community organized this event dubbed as "I Love Earth," a month-long event celebrating our planet. They put together thirty days of fun and learning, designed to boost environmental education, action, and understanding topics affecting the health and well-being of the world we live in; as well as foster the need to protect, preserve, and conserve our planet Earth.

Let my photos take you to a tour on what happen that morning:

this is the view from the bus as we arrive

Although the sun is so hot that day, the serene view of the whole Nuvali and the cool breeze of air make us more comfortable.

these paintings are part of the art exhibit that day.

Musical instruments from all over the world! That large drum is so authentic and is actually made from animal skin, it still has some animal hair too, nyay.

I want to bring home this solar panels! :) I think it powers one of the dehumidifier that day.

GreenPeace Rainbow Warrior

our host for the day :)

some bloggers are doodling on the art wall.

Make Your Own Notebook tent

For just P230.00 you can bring home a 80 sheet recycled notebook, a nice gesture to save some precious trees.

The host is asking some questions to the yoga instructor. Yup! that day yoga sessions happened in the area from 11:00 am to 12:00 nn and 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, facilitated by Yoga Philippines mentored by Joseph de Asis, the Director of Yoga Philippines.

The host is inviting all attendees to avail of their 'adopt-a-tree' project. Each tree is just P100.00 and it will be named after you and it will be planted in Nuvali.

behind is the electric motorcycle, I was able to ride it and it was very light :)

OMG! I love them but they act as if they're so hungry. Wait I think they really hungry :'(

One of the main attraction in Nuvali is the river, a nice experience indeed!

The uber cool Evo Living Center, this is where their main office is located.

we ride on this :) I wish it was longer :)

another view of the Evo Living Center

the view inside the building

If you want to see more photos, just check out the pictures on my Facebook account here and here. Below is the full schedule of I ♥ Earth celebrations at Nuvali.

May 22
Blooms and Landscapes
10:00 am to 11:00 am Bonsai Workshop (1st session)
11:00 am to 12:00 nn Flower Arranging (1st session) by Bluebarn Flowers
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Flower Arranging (2nd session) by Bluebarn Flowers
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Bonsai Workshop (2nd session)
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Tree-planting 101 by Dexter Burgos

Bonsai-making instructor:
Raymond Cordero from Philippine Bonsai Society

Aside from collecting and hunting Bonsai materials some of the group are also involved in Pinatubo rock sculpture, landscaping and horticulture. And some posses rare plants that are hard to find.

Flower Arranging instructor: Dino Mark Reyes from Bluebarn

Services include flowers for weddings, from the bridal bouquet, entourage, church, reception. They also provide flowers for parties and events or get us conceptualize, plan and execute any event you wish to throw – even a picnic proposal.

Other month-long activities
* Life-sized eco-art exhibit display
* Transform trash into art
* Live performances

There will be also a photo contest details is below: 

I ♥ Earth Weekends at NUVALI is co-presented by: Santierra, Venare, Avida Estates NUVALI and Nivea with Major Sponsors Toyota Bicutan Paranaque, Enchanted Kingdom and Shilelagh. Media Partners: Manila Bulletin , etc, 2nd Avenue and Jacktv.  In cooperation with Greenpeace.

To join or to know more about these activities, e-mail ask@nuvalievoliving.com or call 0917-ASK.NUV (275.688).  Thank you Nuvali, I had fun, 'till next time :D

JL Santiago Aquino

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