Pulp Summer Slam XI at Amoranto Stadium!

It is time once again for music fans to get ready and prepare themselves for another whole day of nonstop rock and heavy metal as the loudest and heaviest music festival, Pulp Summer Slam, gears up for 2011. On its 11th year, Pulp Summer Slam XI: Resurrection is growing even bigger! For the first time in the festival’s history, three major international headliners will be featured on this 15-hour show, happening at the Amoranto Stadium on April 30, 2011, Saturday.

Presented by Colt 45, Cobra Energy Drink, Frenzy Condoms, Pizza Hut, Tribal Gear, and Pepsi, the Pulp Summer Slam festival is attended by 25,000 to 30,000 music fans every year. Audience attendees composed of music enthusiasts from all over the Philippines, some fans come from foreign countries as far as Sweden, Canada, and USA, as well as neighboring countries such Malaysia and Singapore. Pulp Summer Slam fans travel long distances just to experience this one-of-a-kind show – attending the festival has become a rock and roll tradition.

Pulp Summer Slam XI: Resurrection will be headlined by legendary thrash metal band Anthrax. The band from New York is one of the biggest heavy metal groups in the world – they are currently featured in The Big 4, a name given to the four biggest metal bands of the generation (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax). The band’s fifth studio album Persistence of Time was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the Grammy Awards.

Another international heavyweight, Hellyeah, will also be taking the stage on April 30 as co-headliner. Hellyeah is a super band from Dallas, Texas, composed of rock personalities such as famous drummer from Pantera, Vinnie Paul, Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett from Mudvayne, Tom Maxwell from Nothingface, and Bob Zilla from Damageplan. Hellyeah’s self-titled debut album and second album Stampede went straight to the top 10 in the US Billboard 200 Countdown. Their debut album sold over 400,000 copies in its first week while their singles “You Wouldn’t Know” and “Hell of a Time” went straight to number 5 in the singles charts. Their 2007 single “Alcohaulin’ Ass” went number 7.

Last but not the least, we bring back the Pinoy-pride this year with Filipino-American thrash metal band Death Angel. Due to insistent demands from our fans, we brought back the Fil-Am music heroes to perform once again for the Pulp Summer Slam crowd.

Aside from the international heavyweights headlining the festival, 25 of the biggest local rock bands in the country such as Kamikazee, Chicosci, Razorback, Hilera, Franco, Moonstar 88, Paramita, Dahong Palay, Imago and many more. We are also bringing in a guest band from Dubai, Nervecell, one of the most accomplished and influential metal bands in the U.A.E.

Last year, Pulp Summer Slam X: Apocalypse featured headliners Lamb of God and Testament on April 17, 2010 at the Amoranto Stadium in Quezon City. The event was declared “sold-out” by 6pm with around 35,000 fans in the venue. This year, Pulp Summer Slam XI: Resurrection is even more exciting as the producer plans on making this year’s festival even better than the last one.

Tickets to see the Pulp Summer Slam XI: Resurrection is P350 each and this is inclusive of several freebies such as beer, food, soda, etc. Tickets are now available at Ticketnet, Ticketworld, and SM Tickets. VIP tickets are available. For inquiries about Pulp Summer Slam XI: Resurrection, call 6871709 or check our official website, www.pulpmagazinelive.com. This event is brought to you by Pulp Live World.

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