81-Year-Old Pinoy Blogger

Aside from self-improving advantages of having a blog, I'm really fascinated on how blogs can help you experience things you never seen before. Blogs also let you absorb the principles/beliefs of the blogger who wrote it and then use it to further improve yourself as a person. This is one of the main goals of blogs, to share the experience of the blogger to its reader and to gain knowledge from the experience.

Just like this blog of Oscar M. Lopez which started late last year. The blogger is already 81-year-old but that doesn't stop him to blog to share his knowledge to the reading public. In case you doesn't know, Oscar M. Lopez (OML) is the Chairman Emeritus of the Lopez Group of Companies. He graduated cum laude (Bachelor of Arts) from Harvard College (1951) and finished his Masters in Public Administration at the Littauer School of Public Administration of Harvard University (1955). A staunch supporter of corporate social responsibility, he is an advocate of biodiversity conservation, education, the arts, as well as health and fitness as a means to improve productivity in the workplace.

His blog is entitled, "Oscar's Summit: Oscar M. Lopez" and in his recently published blog post he shared, "...birthdays are like milestones in a mountain climber’s quest for the summit. Birthdays allow us to pause and celebrate as one looks back at the progress we have made towards the attainment of a lifetime’s goal. Maybe that’s why I climb mountains. It’s not just for the exercise but for what the effort represents: a quest for a lofty goal that puts meaning into our lives." He added, "If you do not respect the mountain, things can get dangerous. It is pretty much the same thing with life… as this 81 year old knows only too well."

In another blog post entitled "Lent at 81" he shared positively, "you might think that I’ve seen it all. World War II, the rise and fall of the Marcos dictatorship, exile, and return of freedom and democracy. Yes, I’ve seen a lot. But there’s more to see and experience! More mountains to climb, more high tech gadgets to play with, and more blog posts to write!And I’m not slowing down. With this blog, and your email responses, I’m just getting started!" True enough! If I'm already old, I will not slow down and will enjoy the beauty of life. It doesn't matter how long you lived in this world, but what matter most is the happiness you've experience while you are alive.

Reading a blog like this, is a breath of fresh air from the usual seo blogs and self-serving blogs which are very rampant nowadays. Well, I'm hoping that the email feed subscription of this blog will be activated soon so I will be informed if new posts are made, but for now I already bookmarked it. I'm hoping more and more corporate executives and entrepreneurs will blog soon, I wanna 'read' what's on their mind :)

JL Santiago Aquino

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  1. He's amazing, a blogger at 81. Who said blogging is for the youth... :)

  2. wisdom comes with Age.. i'm hoping to read his blog entries

  3. I also bookmarked it, a leader who happens to fight the world to the fullest.I want to gain lots of wisdom from him too.

  4. wow!

    i've also read one blog from a lady naman, i just forgot the name of her blog...

  5. Wow! Blogging is for everyone and that it has no heirarchy because the net world changes in with just a few clicks!

  6. I've met the man and he's really nice! I salute him for being a blogger. I just hope he's really doing the writing and no ghost writers :)

  7. Well… actually I just love the way the article has been formed and concluded. I think other fresh writers should learn from you and write just like you. The way you have given information on the subject is just too wonderful and amazing.