Escondido Beach Resort in Boracay

Last Monday, I was able to meet the owner of Escondido Beach Resort in Boracay, Ms. Sheila Mae Velilla. I thought at first that Escondido was a surname, but not. It was actually a Spanish word that means “hidden.”

Escondido Beach Resort is ideally located at STATION 1, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay in Aklan where the best sugar fine white sand of the island is found. It’s just a minute walk to the beach & the hottest bars and restaurant in the area. Ms. Sheila Mae Velilla acquired this property back in 2002, and begun the operation the next year, 2003. The acquisition is somewhat accidental, when someone offered her that there is indeed a lot for sale during in one of her visit on this famed island. Good thing she said, that she brought her passbook, and so the rest is history.

Ms. Sheila Mae Velilla told us that their food at the CrabHouse is a must try! =)

I asked her what’s the difference of Escondido Beach Resort in other resort around the area, she said “It’s the homey atmosphere. When you’re in Escondido, you’ll feel that it’s your home away from home.” It boasts of an ambience that is different from the usual resorts in the Island. The mountain side location and its proximity to the white beach in Station 1, makes Escondido Beach Resort one of a kind resort.

“It has ten well appointed deluxe rooms, three suites rooms and one family room equipped with air condition, cable television, mini bar, in room safe, electric thermos, telephone/ intercom system, and a hot and cold showers.” Ms. Velilla details. “The two suite rooms have the additional facilities of a mini kitchen with microwave oven, and a bathroom with Jacuzzi,” she added.


Escondido Beach Resort also offers a different dining experience to its guest and one of them is the Boracay Crabhouse, the first and only authentic crabhouse in Boracay. It has the best crabs, prawns, and other seafood dishes in the island.

Their menu includes “Boracay Crabhouse Special,” which is cooked in a special secret sauce, the “Boracay Chili Crab/Prawns,” their own style of Singaporean chili crab, the “Red Curry Crab” which is cooked in Malay red curry sauce, among many others.

Escondido Beach Resort
Station 1, Boracay Island in Aklan
Boracay Office: (6336) 288-4777
Manila Office: (632)376-4535

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  2. wow! the food looks so delectable and the place looks amazing.