CYBERZONE TechnoLife Affair

I'm about to go to SM City Marilao today to celebrate Earth Hour 2011, but I opt to drop by at SM Megamall first, to attend the CYBERZONE TechnoLife Affair happening near the Event Center. Aside from  Alodia Gosengfiao and Yugatech's Abe Olandres, I'm looking forward to the talk of Azrael Coladilla entitled, "Blogging and Technology." This is actually the first time that I heard him talk about blogging.

Azrael Colladilla paved the way for many newbie bloggers like me, to be invited at exclusive blogger events. I remember that my first ever event was from him, it's for the  premiere night of the 3D movie "Battle for Terra," in SM North EDSA. I was so excited back then, I even have my photo taken at the movie poster which I don't normally do =)

In a nutshell, Sir Azrael does not discriminate small time blogger just like me. He don't look down on newbies, unlike other high ranking blogger which will give you an odd look at blogger events as if you don't have the right to be present at those events. I mean c'mon give us newbies a chance to grow, all of us bloggers started being a newbie right? So don't expect our blog stats/rankings/popularity to be the same.

I think that the reason why the man is successful in his field, he gives a fair chance and rare opportunity to newbies to shine in the blogosphere. He actually shares some of his blogging secrets in his talk.

Here's the short Youtube video where he was introduced:

Here's some of his photos during the talk.

Azrael Coladilla shared some of his secret to his huge traffic, and one of them is using, it's actually a social networking tool that aggregate your blog updates on your Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr,etc once you published a post.  He also adviced the attendees to be cautious and be responsible on what you post online, since minor might read it.

CyberZone Technolife Affair features a lot of summer's hottest and latest gadget. You can see some of the featured booth by looking at the photos below.

One of the booth I went to is the Microsoft booth, this is where I tried Internet Explorer 9 for the first time. It's actual fast compared to older Internet Explorer  but Windows XP users cannot use it, it's for Vista and Windows 7 only.  I really like it's new look now, it's simple yet powerful. I also tried the latest Windows-powered mobile phone from HTC & LG, it's one sexy gadget and surprisingly fast. Kudos to the designer of these new smart phones. These are just the first batch of Windows Phones, but it has no or little bugs at all unlike other mobile OS on their first release.

After they let me try their new IE9 and Windows phones, they let me play on their panchinko machine where I won a Microsoft lanyard. yey! =) Actually I won a Microsoft button pin, but I opt to change it to a lanyard, since it will be more useful, which they gladly allowed =)

I'm so glad that SM Supermalls have this event , it let me take a peek on what the latest and hottest gadget so I know what will I save for in the future =)

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  1. i also went here and after listening to the talk i was intrigued about blogging. so i started making one. XD

  2. cyberzone in sm north edsa is the best not in megamall :P