Keep Your Clothes Looking Like New With Ariel Oxybleach

Have a favorite shirt or blouse that you wish you could wear over and over again? Unfortunately, wear and tear that happens by scrubbing with bar and brush in the wash can make your clothes look older quickly. To keep your clothes looking new, wash it with Ariel Oxybleach Anti Stain with Rings. It has a unique oxybleach system that removes tough stains so well - even without scrubbing with a bar and brush – to give your clothes the care it needs to look like new.

Ariel’s oxybleach system contains bleach and a bleach activator which decolorizes and removes the stain in the wash, plus photo-bleach, which is activated by sunlight during drying to provide additional bleaching effects. Ariel Oxybleach also has enzymes that reduce “himulmol”, preventing future stains from sticking to your clothes.

The result? Faced with a new shirt and a shirt stained and washed 10 times with Ariel Oxybleach, 8 out of 10 women could not even tell the difference!So if you want to keep your clothes looking like new, wash them with Ariel Oxybleach Anti-Stain with Rings.

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SRP: Ariel Sakto Pack 30grams, Php 6.00
Available in supermarkets, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide

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