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 I was one of the lucky few to be invited by emerging interior designer, Jigs Ranada Adefuin in his posh condo in Rosewood Pointe Condominium in Acacia Estates in Taguig City. Jigs Adefuin is the owner of Adefuin Design Studio and many of his works has been already featured at ABS-CBN's Urban Zone. His vision is to create diverse designs and unique creations that will mirror his conviction that a client's personality should blend with that of the interior designer.

As a licensed interior designer and a board topnotcher, Jigs Adefuin is known for mixing the knowledge he acquired from his studies and updates it with the current trends. He also has a keen eye for details and proportions that makes him very good with space planning. His talent has a solid following and he had been entrusted with multi-million peso design projects by a diverse clientele. His trademark is the classic and elegant look that is simply chic and warm at the same time.Rather than relying on complex structures, he believes that a timeless piece can go a long way. The result is a clean sophisticate look at is definitely Jigs Ranada Adefuin.

I was able to ask some questions to Mr. Jigs and here how it goes:

Q: What's the role of interion designer?
A: Basically, interior designers is here to guide the clients on what will looks best on their house.

Q: What's the difference between a interior designer and a interior decorator?
A: Before you can call someone an Interior Designer he/she must hold a bachelor's degree in interior designing. Interior Decorator is more of a hobby.

Q: Is designing your childhood dream?
A: When I'm still young, I'd always love to design our own house and I love to draw my designs on paper. Looking back I will always says: Hey! this one looks like the one I draw when I'm still young.

Q: How will you describe your design?
A: Simple but elegant and classic.

Q: Where do you get inspiration when you design?
A: First, I asked what the client want and then I worked from there.

Q: What if your client want a something in her home, but you think it will not fit, how will you tell to them?
A: At first, I will insist that it's not bagay but if they still want it then I have no choice. Sometimes, I will take a picture of the house without the thing that they insist, just to show the client that I'm right :)

Q: What's PIID?
A: It's Philippine Institute of Interior Designer. Which has been around since August of 1992.

Jigs hope that he will be able to share his passion and knowledge of interior design and believes that a home should always be a reflection of who you are as a person: your style, your taste, and the kind of lifestyle that you lead. Besides, your home should feel like your own.

Adefuin Design Studio

With his impeccable design excellence, Jigs’ career is ever-soaring and expanding. His interior design and design project administrative firm, Adefuin Design Studio, which he also solely created, focuses on designing posh residential projects. Being very good at maximizing space area, Jigs is known for transforming high end condominiums, townhouses and loft spaces into a roomy and functional space. With his versatility, he also designs commercial spaces from concept to installation.

He toured us in his condominium, which he personally designed. You will notice in the photos that even the place is small, he managed to do a lot of innovations to make things fit. Examples are the sofa that can be a single size bed, the compartment at the back of the TV rack, and the cabinets under the bed at the Master Bedroom. Here are the photos that I took:

The Guest Room

this looks like a simple chair, but it's a ...

without the cover.
The Master Bedroom

hidden air conditioner :)

The Bed at the Master Bedroom
there's another compartment hidden under the bed
at the powder room of Master Bedroom

at the living room area

the dining area

lot's of cabinet in the kitchen area

Adefuin Design Studio Official WEBSITE:

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Tel no. : (+632) 788-6700
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