REAL LOVE Contest Winner

First, I want to thank everyone who have joined this simple contest that aim to promote the REAL LOVE campaign sponsored by Unilever FoodSolutions, Team Manila Lifestyle, Kythe, Best Foods, and Lady's Choice. Our goal is to promote the Real Love Campaign Page on Facebook.

For every “like”, one Real Love sandwich will be given to the pediatric cancer patients in the partner hospitals of Kythe Foundation. "Like" the Real Love Campaign page today to contribute to the thousands of Real Love sandwiches that will be given and make a difference in a child's life. Unilever Foodsolutions (UFS) one of the leading food service companies in the world which offer branded and tailored solutions to a variety of operators in the country committed to providing cost effective and innovative solutions to its clients.

I'm also proud to announce that is the most participated contest among 19 blogs! and that would not be possible without your help :) Even thought the prize is not that expensive and the winner is only one, you all prove that you join this not just for the prize but to HELP these kids. Thank you :)

Before I announced the Top 5 answers, I will also mention that I chose this method of contest (writing on the wall of my Facebook page) so that more people will join the cause. This is so easy, no tagging required because I notice that there are some Facebook users that still don't know how to tag, and don't know how to make their Facebook status public. My first plan is to write their answer on the 'Real Love Campaign' fanpage but I think the admin of that page didn't allow it. Anyway the contest mechanics is to complete this sentence:  “I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by____________”

Here are my Top 5 choice:

I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by praying for them, listen to them whenever possible, and simply make them feel that they are not alone in this world, that they are part of it, and they deserve all the "love" that we can give. -Pamela Daisy Sallegue

I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by giving them a special gift everyone could ever give, the Gift of Time. It can be one of the most precious gifts anyone can share; time that can brighten up one's life even just for a brief moment. It leaves memories that will last till the next time. I give them one or more or ...the many books written to inspire and lighten the heart of those dealing with cancer. And being part of this campaign is really a great opportunity for me to help a cancer patient as long as my single like counts. Keep spreading the love! -Aida Villanueva

I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by suggesting that we put up another helpful and proven program like Locks of Love and willingly donate our beautiful hair (which we will cut off anyway) so that we may heal the hearts too of those who have lost their self-esteem to cancer. It was the same effort that has been ...tested here for cleaning up the oil spill in beautiful Guimaras. We have the heart to help our country and our countrymen. The Real Love Campaign is existent now as proof. -Melody Co

I will share my love to the kids of Kythe at least by sharing them my favorite verse from the bible. (2 Corinthians 5:7 – “We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight” ) – this is to increase their hope and faith to live longer and fight for what they’re going through as well to put in their minds that they can be cure in next to no time and soon they can be healed. =) -Mekinudols Atbp

I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by helping you guys to reach your goals.I don't have money to support their needs but by taking care of them, by comforting them,giving then all the attention and concern they need and by understanding their condition.By teaching them how to read and write and helping them to e...xperience what a normal child does.Somehow I can help this angels to see what this world could offer. I can imagine how hard it is for this kids to fight for their right to live but you guys beside them i know anything is possible. -May Magtibay

But the winner is:

I choose this one because it's not lengthy but she sent her message across. Congratulations! You'll receive a private message via Facebook so I can get your details (real name and home address) Guys! I have a new contest and just like this one, it's easy to join. Follow this link, to know more about this.

Thanks for the support :)

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